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For whom is this site intended?

This site is for both men and women who have more than a casual interest in female submission, though it’s open to those who are simply curious about it, too. We hope the site will be helpful to those who wish to understand more about the submissive nature of the feminine and the dominant nature of the masculine beyond the theater of diversionary play acting and weekend SM romps.

Is this web site affiliated with any religious organization?

We don’t represent any particular religion. This doesn’t mean we discourage religious practice, however. All major religions were invariably created with male primacy in mind. The role of wives always described as submissive to their husbands within the spiritual edicts of Christian or Islamic faiths, for instance, doesn’t conflict with our message on this site whatsoever.

Please keep in mind, however, that our readers come from many walks of life and thus have many beliefs, some of which may not support notions of a god or intelligent design whatsoever. We feel the virtue of female submission cuts across all social stratums, regardless.

Is this site focused only on sex?

Sex is a powerful motivator for all sexually reproducing life on Earth, particularly for human beings. Since the priority to mate is a primal engine behind so many of our complex desires, sexual expressions are often the first to manifest themselves in dominance and submission. Sex is also the essence of what separates male and female and the magnetism therein. It is the reason why there is a male and female, and thus, a man and a woman. Sexual acts of submission are not what this site solely concerns itself with, however. We feel the combined forms of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual submission are just as important to hone if a woman aims to be submissive in the truest sense of the word. There is an equally true reflection of this fact in men: while sexual drive is a key factor in male dominance over females, we do not believe the acts of sex, in and of themselves, are all there is to male dominance.

Sex is multifarious. It can be laced throughout every act of a woman’s devotion without a single moment of direct physical stimulation. It’s so subtle that it’s pointless to separate sexual energy from the equation, just as much as it’s pointless to focus too much on sexual acts devoid of context. This is what separates our community from a typical fetish site that focuses only upon acts and the trappings of those acts. We openly encourage the exploration of what surrounding society now sadly deems to be “alternative sexuality,” but our aims here go much further than acts and delves fully into the psychological and spiritual beauty of this world, too.

Is this just another “BDSM” site?

While the BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism) community is commonly associated with those who speak about domination and submission, that does not mean we all identify with the common rules and principles it espouses. While some may enjoy the social and commercial movement BDSM has become, others strongly feel they cannot relate to its theatrical culture, hedonistic diversions, or excessive prurience.

BDSM has become so large an umbrella term as to make it often useless in describing what we specifically believe in this community. We want to study and define what real submission is—how to nurture and perfect it in women and differentiate it from less sincere and self-serving facades. This effort is often in opposition to how BDSM is often represented and popularly consumed, unfortunately.

Isn’t submission a sign of weakness? Shouldn’t women be strong and resist being submissive?

Weakness is usually regarded as an inadequate quality or feature in a person or thing. When speaking of authentic submission, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. It takes great inner strength to surrender one’s will to another. While a woman’s submissive status may not seem to empower her in an immediately obvious sense, she finds fulfillment through submission, and in so doing, her submission strengthens those benefiting from her labor and love. If what she provides gives others health and happiness, how can this be attributed to weakness?

In many circles of our pro-feminist (and supposedly, pro-choice) culture, a woman is often scorned as weak by her sisters for openly displaying behavior that is too servile, especially if it’s directed toward a male and outside of the auspices of BDSM “scenes.” This is an ignorant attack born of contemporary social programming.

Who created this site, and why?

This web site was initially created by a small group of like-minded individuals who united under a common vision: to promote the many rewarding aspects of complete and authentic female submission and educate those who may be seeking information about it.

While there are many places to discuss alternative lifestyles, we felt that there was a dearth of communities on the subject of hetero-normative dominant male/submissive female relationships. Humbled Females sets aside the general D/s melting pot and gets much more serious and specific about dominance and submission between men and women. We found that in many other communities online, one can only talk about this subject so much before being censored or ostracized. We wanted to bring the conversation here, safe in our walls, where participants can feel comfortable speaking about these subjects and voicing opinions about the sexes that are not in service to political correctness du jour. Be prepared to engage in direct conversation about female submission, stripped of the fluff of relativity and the tarnish of mainstream attitudes.

I’m under eighteen. Should I be here?

The natural budding point of intellectual curiosity, sexuality, or ability to comprehend adult ideas starts long before the age of eighteen, but for legal reasons, we must respectfully request all visitors be of legal age when reading and viewing the content on this site. This is not necessarily a moral decision, but a legal one. We do apologize to all young adults for the restriction. By further accessing our pages and joining our community, you are verifying that you’re 18 years of age. Please do not attempt circumventing this rule. This site is for adults of legal age only.

I’m a concerned parent who would like to block access to this site by my kids. How do I do that?

Again, Humbled Females is an adult site. While we have made an effort to provide as many warnings as possible about the content of this website, such warnings can only go as far as describing our content and advising against access to minors. We ask that you monitor the Internet activities of your children and limit their access to adult material. Parental control protections (such as computer hardware, software, or filtering services) are commercially available that may assist you in limiting access to media that is “inappropriate for minors.” Please direct your browser to the following resources for making your device(s) and software child-safe:


Does Humbled Females accept article submissions for the site?

Since its inception, Humbled Females accepted submitted articles from fellow enthusiasts, though we have recently begun to rein in that practice somewhat. We will certainly accept submissions for our articles section and publish them, but only if they are strictly up to par with our editorial standards. We look for writing that is pure in its vision of female submission to male dominance and free of the subversive mythologies present in the ordinary wisdom of D/s enthusiasm, religious zealotry, or rigid traditionalism. It’s quite a balancing act, keeping the intellectual purity of this site maintained against the maelstrom of so many discordant viewpoints and assertions, but we are committed to maintaining the integrity of our collective voice through thoughtful writing to expand the mind, not narrow it. If you’re up for it, visit our submission guidelines page to see if you’d be interested in sending your work to us.

I have a question, comment, or article submission. How can I contact the webmaster / administrator of this site?

Thank you for your interest. You may contact us at:

I signed up for the forums on Humbled Females by opening an account. I decided it’s not my thing. How can I close my account?

Sometimes people find that this site isn’t quite suited to their tastes or purposes. We’re regretful that this is the case with you. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve the site and the network. If there was something you were expecting but didn’t find or see, let us know. If you wish to close your account, please contact us at:

I signed up for access to the media section of this site, but I forgot how to login to it. What’s the link I need to know to login?

You can login to the private media archive here:

I signed up for the media archive, but when I try logging into the forum, I can’t get in. Why?

That’s because the community forum and the media archive are two different areas on the site. The forums are free to sign up for, but the media archive is something you pay to access. Logins and passwords for these two sections are not interchangeable.

To access the forum, go here and create an account:

How do I cancel my media archive subscription?

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