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November 10, 2021

Old Bitch, New Tricks

Cookie is an older female in her late forties, but that doesn’t keep her from taking care of her body so that it may still service male pleasure. Note her recent breast implants. Note, further, that she is enthusiastically learning the ropes with dog training. She is already walking on the leash quite well (no small feat, considering the method Marc Esadrian teaches), and demonstrates that she is a quick learner with position commands. She’s not perfect, but she’s getting there, proving that old bitches can indeed learn new tricks. Watch Cookie wait obediently in her cage, accept the leash, drink out of a dog bowl to hydrate herself, and practice slave positions with dedication and focus. What a good girl. We hope she is an inspiration to all females, young and old, that submission and service doesn’t have to end any time soon in life. You can be healthy, pretty, sexually viable, and quick with your obedience well into the autumn of life.

April 12, 2021

Introduced to the Whip

An older female is introduced to some foundational mantras, accompanied by painful somatic accentuation à la the signal whip. Following a period of shackled isolation upon a dog bed in the basement, new female Cookie is summoned to a crude whipping post and taught thereafter the rudimentary logic of her place as a humbled female. “Learning is not child’s play; we cannot learn without pain,” Aristotle once said, and this wisdom is lavishly employed in the way the mantras are driven by rote into Cookie’s mind, aided with the fire of the whip upon her derrière and back. This video demonstrates the reality of a woman undertaking the whip. The strokes are by no means gentle and there is no theatrical deception in this video’s production. Every lash and every mark is real. For those interested in observing the effects of the whip upon flesh for the first time, we feel this video does very well in showing them, sans gimmick or pretense in a raw and straightforward format.

January 6, 2021

Shock and Ecstasy

Penny is trained to assimilate some core operating premises with the aid of two useful technologies. The goal is simple: to make her a better submissive female under a strict doctrine. The medium of pleasure: a remote controlled vibrator. The medium of correction: a canine shock collar. Using these devices in tandem during rote programming incentivizes the process of learning. When the female states a programmed value correctly, she receives a pleasurable reward nestled deep inside her sex, forming a sensual pleasure bond; when she fails to state a programmed value correctly, she receives a mild shock from the dog collar, encouraging her away from lack of focus during programming. The only path available for her mind is the one illumined for her. The incentive and punishment combination has its peaks and valleys, as Penny experiences in this video.

August 20, 2020

Making Better Slaves: Enforcing a Conditioned Sexual Response to Housework

Sometimes polishing up the kitchen or running a vacuum through the living room can give a female a sense of satisfaction and a little extra pep in her step, but there are days when these tasks take on a different feeling: mounds of laundry and hundreds of square feet to dust can suddenly be overwhelming, even depressing. At Humbled Females, we believe females should be encouraged to embrace their domestic responsibilities with positivity, obedience, and mindful enthusiasm. Housework should be a pleasure, and there is a training method we recommend that takes this literally. To reinforce a healthy psychology around housework, we recommend creating a connection between domestic labor and sexual stimulation, making the experience erotic. With enough conditioning through repeated sessions, the female will associate housework with sexual arousal, triggering a conditioned sexual response (CSR). The resulting pleasure reward of this method has an obvious utility: to reify the female’s domestic responsibilities as positive, insuring she finds stimulation in housework, which in turn makes her more productive and a better slave. Marc Esadrian trains Ginger in this method using a Bluetooth-controlled remote vibrator that is easily managed from a smart phone. Ginger’s routine culminates with an intense focus on her work and a resulting orgasm at day’s end.

July 28, 2020

Whipping Post

Bitch Bailey is collared and chained to a thick wooden pole in a modernized refurbished mill building apartment. Placed in the hall leading to an open and spacious living room, the pole’s location was a perfect coincidence, providing no privacy. The polished concrete floor makes her time spent there uncomfortable as she awaits her appointment with the whip. The thick metal collar and heavy chain compliments her coiling musculature: the perfect image of the “strong, empowered” female suitably kept humbled and obedient. The time leading up to and after being stretched upon the whipping post provides an excellent frame of time to reflect upon her mistakes in exposed discomfort. Only when her master is content with her penance is she released from the post and allowed the dignity of sleeping in her cage again.

June 30, 2020

Reminder À La Crop

“The crop is a very convenient tool of punishment. Easy to wield and implement, it is my primary method of physical correction. The small and easy to control signal whip comes in at a close second, but what I like about the crop is its rigidity, allowing very little effort to use in close quarters, and without the problems of wrap-around that the whip presents. For more formal (and severe) punishments, the whip is much preferred, but the crop is an ideal go-to implement for use on the fly. It can be plied lightly and accurately for gentle reminders, such as the one pictured here, or with tremendous severity, rendering angry red welts upon the skin. In either case, it will get your girl’s attention.”

—Marc Esadrian

June 29, 2020

Lunch Service

Niki serves Marc Esadrian a quick afternoon lunch. But quick isn’t always simple. The tasks of a humbled female involve domestic talent, mindfulness, attention to detail, and sufficient passion to provide a seamless and pleasurable experience for the man of the home. This does not always lead to a smooth experience for the female, especially one who may be new and lacks a necessary level of discipline and learned attentiveness. Master might like his pasta a certain way: get distracted for only a few moments with other preparations, like setting the table perfectly, lighting the candles, and preparing the wine, and you might miss the al dente window. Having to start the preparations of the food all over again will result in him waiting longer, which is never a good thing! This example is one of many, but easily illustrates that being a good humbled female is about living in a state of intensely submissive mindfulness. It’s fulfilling and even fun at times embracing this state, but it brings its deceptively subtle challenges, nonetheless, keeping her nimble and light-footed as she remembers all the fragments of good service, putting them together in precisely the right ways at the right times, learning to move with grace and quietness with a collar of steel around her delicate neck and the possibility of the whip, should she err.

May 16, 2020

Graceful Drudgery

“Another gallery brought back by popular demand. Household cleaning isn’t just a chore to get through: it’s something I expect my slaves to immerse themselves in. Plying the mind and body to this thankless domestic drudgery is a time-honored tradition among females in every major civilization, and in my home, this sexist tradition continues: helping to make my world beautiful is an act of service and devotion. Kept nude and barefoot, she is reduced, humbled, and efficient in her labor, her senses enlivened. Her feet feel the floor for crumbs and debris as she walks, her hands are trained to feel, wipe, polish, and scrub, her body in intimate union with the atmosphere of the house. Her exposed flesh is made available for immediate correction, should she so deserve it, and her holes are open for use without notice.”

—Marc Esadrian

Good Bitch

Submissive bitch Niki learns the collar, leash, and bind in these classic Humbled Females images, re-posted upon request by the community. Some thoughts relevant to this gallery came to mind when posting it again. You can see in the photos that Niki is kept completely barefoot and nude during her leashing and collaring. This is quite intentional. It is the only way I train my females, especially the ones fit for sexual use. To be forcefully exposed, stripped down to their bare forms, given no material possessions, and restrained like animals inevitably makes them feel vulnerable and more amenable to humbling. It’s also quite pleasing to the male eye when this is practiced with a young and beautiful bitch, arousing his lusts and thus quickening his dominance.  As the male of the household, remaining clothed around your female establishes an obvious visual (and psychological) difference in status. Remain so until you decide to penetrate.

November 24, 2019

Bath Service

A small but sweet video clip displaying general bath service. Penny draws a bath and attends to her master diligently—a devoted servant to his body. We strongly encourage dominant males to spend some intimate alone time like this with their slaves, girls, or submissive wives. It’s a simple, yet effectively bonding moment, allowing the female to express another facet of her love and submission to the man she worships and adores.

August 31, 2019


Presenting doll: A fixed position and rigid psychological space where the female serves as a passive sex toy. Marc Esadrian demonstrates the practice and discipline of this modality with Penny, his sublime Asian female. Study the subtleties of this particular mode, where she is reduced to the state of a passive and surrendered object, intimating no will or autonomous agency of her own. In doll, her legs are spread in a wide “v,” painted toes pointed and suspended in the air for maximal aesthetic. Her mouth, popping with red lip gloss, remains open, inviting sexual use at the male’s time and bidding. This form of submission is perfect for times when the male doesn’t want to fuss with giving pleasure—only receiving it, and on his terms. Beneath him, she remains motionless and depersonalized, a living sex toy in the highest state of objectification.

July 25, 2019

Caging Penny

Witness a custom-built cage, made specifically for humans (and preferably of the female variety). Marc Esadrian walks Penny by collar and leash to the cage embedded inside his closet rooms, where she is kept over periods of time to rest, reflect, or await use. Note the simple steel mesh walls of the cage and its rigid construction, as well as its empty furnishings, so as to strip the slave of her human comforts. There are no pillows or blankets here. Clothing is, of course, not allowed. There is absolutely no privacy. She is exposed and vulnerable, with every inch of her flesh on display. Even relieving herself is afforded no refuge, the act becoming a humiliating and degrading experience. We hope this video helps inspire dominant males to conceive of their own cages, as it’s an extremely effective psychological tool in creating a contrast between the master’s agency and the slave’s objectified status.

May 15, 2019

Feet and Balls

Penny is introduced to submissive acts, including kissing feet and paying oral homage to her master’s balls. This video is shot in typical Humbled Females style, with the male clothed and the female completely naked and unadorned, keeping her in an animal state. The acts of worship themselves deny any focus upon her own pleasure. Stripped and collared, she is made to show signs of love and worship, sans focus upon her own ego. This video also demonstrates that direct fellatio isn’t always the necessary consummating act: a man can enjoy other areas of stimulation while partaking in dominance over his female. At the end of her training session, Penny must swallow her master’s ejaculate, and is shown back to her dog bed shortly thereafter.

March 4, 2019

Toilet Punishment

Following her retribution with the cane, Penny is assigned toilet service, where she will remain chained in the bathroom and used for attentive cleaning. Watch as she obediently licks up her master’s urine from the rim, initially gagging from the taste. Over the course of her experience, she begins to adjust to her indefinite fate, servicing the toilet orally until its shiny before returning to the floor, waiting to serve again.

December 31, 2018

Caning Penny

Penny has been forgetting basic verbal protocol while attempting to serve. Though humble and sweet, she’s also rather forgetful and seems to lose focus when away and communicating on her phone in text. Even in the flesh, she sometimes forgets her manners, of not remembering to say, “yes, Sir,” “no Sir,” or “thank you, Sir,” when the time is appropriate. These transgressions of respect are dealt with by Marc Esadrian, wielding the cane in tandem with enforcing rote speech drills. All intentions in the female to serve being pure, the disciplinary forces of repetition and pain are the keys to success in teaching consistent obedience. Open and pliant, she becomes like clay, shaping herself under the weight of her Sir’s teachings.

October 31, 2018

Oral Service

There is giving a blowjob and then there is servicing a man, by sucking, licking, and deep-throating exactly the way he commands. Sadie provides Marc Esadrian with enthusiastic and obedient oral pleasure—selfless and single-minded. We hope this video helps to inspire other masters and dominant men to use their females with no pretense, to enjoy them unapologetically and without reservation, for there is nothing more beautiful than a submissive female paying homage to the male phallus in the pure spirit of servitude.

September 23, 2018

The Whip and Rod

Marc Esadrian covers the basics of corporeal punishment in this primer on the whip and rod, providing real-world examples of discipline while discussing techniques in wielding various implements. Learn how to deliver strikes with care and precision, keeping clear of the human body’s more vulnerable areas.

July 21, 2018

Bathroom Scrubbing

Sadie scrubs her master’s bathroom floors clean with love and devotion. This video is more inspirational than informative, an attempt at capturing the domestic essence of the ideal humbled female: nude, collared, and carrying the marks of recent discipline upon her flesh. For there are no coddled princesses in this world: the female not only fulfills the image of submission, but its utilitarian function for the master.

June 10, 2018

Bitch Training

Marc Esadrian trains a female on some rudimentary positions and how to ambulate properly on all fours while leashed. There are many variations to positions, commands, and routines: each man will train his female according to his taste. The focus in this documentation is the female’s complete nudity, obedience, and coerced animal state, where human dignity is removed. This sets the stage for reducing countervailing influences of the ego, allowing the rote lessons to find deeper impact. In this method of training, there is only the whip, the leash, and the master’s command. The female is quite responsive to this training, as documented in this video: she exudes positivity and attention to commands. Stripped naked and removed from the distraction of everyday trappings, she obeys reliably and with a light attitude.

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