About Humbled Females


Within the woman there is tremendous capacity and drive to love, nurture, and empathize. She is the source from which human life is reborn, her body the gateway through which we all enter the world. It is the female who adapts her body to accommodate her reproductive destiny. For nine months she carries a developing human being in her growing belly, endures the agony of labor and childbirth, and faithfully cares for her newborn afterward, suckling it with her milk. Throughout the life cycle of her child she remains in service to this growing person’s need, selflessly extending her mind, body, and spirit for his or her well-being. Each of us came into this world through a woman, and most of us did so through her love, sacrifice, and devotion.

For the female, great sacrifice or devotion for love are not alien notions to her heart. Even women who have little regard for motherhood often still have within then some spark of a nurturing dimension—the intuitiveness of feminine empathy, a natural softness and an often innate desire to please. It is no mystery a woman will often use these innate qualities to please her mate, too. When her heart is captured, she will do anything to make the one she loves happy and comfortable, often placing her needs as secondary. It is our belief these natural qualities within the female, given the right environment and guidance, serve as a foundation upon which a more realized servility can be built and overtly embraced, without shame, scorn, or judgment.

Cherishing the natural grace and good of female submission is not a new idea, of course. Since recorded history began, every major culture across the world has depicted the feminine as soft, yielding, and passive. While it’s not a very popular idea in the contemporary world today, many nonetheless find value or interest in female submission, in the woman serving her man as his helpmate and source of pleasure. Humbled Females is a community web site that aligns with these values, even though they aren’t particularly in-vogue today. Amidst the cultural ubiquity of female empowerment, we instead advocate the virtue and wisdom of authentic female submission to a noble and worthy male dominance. We believe the dominant male and submissive female archetype, when embraced beyond mere sensual play, is an old and recognizable one for a reason and not simply due to the tired axiom of might makes right. We believe dominant male-submissive female relationships have thrived foremost over the ages because it is a relationship dynamic that simply works.

Humbled Females is an adult Internet community drawing readers from many walks of life, though the one unifying element bringing us together is our heartfelt belief of the good of adult relationships where females overtly and consensually submit to their male counterparts. The paradigm we celebrate here has been called many things in the past. Some refer to it as the natural order, some call it God’s will, while yet others think of it simply in terms of traditional sex roles. However you choose to describe it, complete female submission to exemplary male dominance is what this web site community is all about. Why? Because that’s the template we believe is most harmonious and fulfilling to the sexes, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

We know this isn’t a site for everyone. Some who come here will vehemently disagree with our views, and that’s quite fine. We’re not out to change the world, but instead reclaim some animal wisdom of our species we believe has been overlooked at times in favor of contemporary “gender” experimentation. If what we’ve expressed here has managed to strike a chord in you, we invite you to further explore the articles and thoughts expressed here and we hope that you may be inspired to contribute any wisdom you have to share on the natural good of relationships in which females are humble, servile, and attuned to their instinctual feminine nature, a nature we believe is lovingly yielding at its heart, under the right circumstances.

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