Please Read Our Community Rules Carefully and Abide by Them, or We’ll Have to Discipline You.


Humbled Females is a web-based community of people brought together by their common appreciation for authentic female submission and male dominance. We enjoy writing about and discussing subjects relating to these things. We in fact advocate taking what is discussed here from theory on a screen to the real world between two or more human beings. While this is so, it’s important to note that Humbled Females is not a fast and lose fetish website. We certainly don’t mind the practice of BDSM, but all members should keep in mind that female submission to males (ideally, according to this community) goes well beyond adult play and games of fetish. In short, this is not another or (although we having nothing against these sites!) Please use BDSM networks for more general fetish interests that tend to focus upon diversionary adult sadomasochism and related lifestyles. With that said, please don’t think there isn’t any fun and enjoyment in what we advocate in this community, either! We’re just trying to show the world that submission can be more than just a temporary or shallow adult game, and that it can span a variety of intensities without being dysfunctional or worrisome.

In order to participate in community discussion, you’ll need to register with our site. While forum participation is highly encouraged, we do have some basic rules that we ask you read and observe.

First and foremost, you acknowledge and fully agree that all data, text, forum activity, private messages, photographs, graphics, files, or any other materials (Content), whether publicly posted in the forums or profiles, or privately created in personal messages by you, are your sole responsibility. You’ll be accountable for all Content that you upload, post, email or otherwise transmit through Humbled Females. Humbled Females cannot guarantee the accuracy or quality of any user-generated content found on the Website. You agree to use Humbled Females at your sole risk. Under no circumstances will Humbled Females be liable, in any way, for any user’s conduct, including your own.

Second, please review our Copyright & Terms of Service page. This page describes in detail our copyright and Acceptable Use Policies. Your use of our Website implies agreement with all our rules and user guidelines. It is mandatory you familiarize yourself with them. We know it’s boring, but it’s necessary you understand the terms and agree to abide by them. Your decision to make an account on this Website stands as your whole and complete acceptance of and agreement to all our rules and conditions on Humbled Females.

General Rules

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the forum and what goes on inside it. We don’t mind discussing alternative points of view—even ones that are counter to the premise of this website (on a certain level), but we do ask that you engage in productive and polite discourse in this forum. While “productive and polite” is admittedly an arbitrary target, we trust most visitors using common sense will know the difference between legitimate intellectual discourse and crude language, divisive arguing, “trolling,” or otherwise subversive, antagonistic, and aimless contributions with little to no intellectual merit. Please don’t join our forum simply to harass members, argue, or cause trouble. The administration reserves the right to determine if individuals aren’t honoring our requests for productive and civil discourse. If you are found to repeatedly transgress against the aforementioned standard, we will have to disable your account. We don’t enjoy doing that, but the dignity and intellectual health of our community takes precedence over an individual’s desire toward disruptive and counter-productive behavior/discourse. Remember that it’s fine to disagree. It’s even fine to be “wrong” in your thoughts. But please don’t bully, harass, or otherwise cause needless drama for our users and the forum at large.

You must be eighteen (18) or older to join our community. Seriously. We understand that while you feel you may be ready to read our material and join in the discussion despite being younger than eighteen, we legally require you to wait until you are eighteen before joining us. Please do not attempt to circumvent this rule. Your use of our Website will imply your agreement that you are of legal age in your community or locale to access the materials found herein. Parents, please use this site responsibly. Do not leave your Humbled Females Internet history available to your kids on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, tv, or any other device. Kids are sneakier and savvier than you probably realize; they will get into your stuff if you’re not careful. Male dominance is the great big bugaboo these days and, combined with the adult nature of the content here, it’s certainly going to cause a reaction. Log out of this site when you’re done, and keep it off your immediate history on any of the devices you use. That keeps Humbled Females Land and your family life with kids harmoniously separate.

All members are expected to conduct themselves with courtesy and respect toward each other. I know, we’re asking a lot, huh? But seriously, we require that you observe our request to not be a troublemaker. Further, by using our Website, you agree that you will not:

  1. Personally attack, humiliate, misrepresent, troll, snark, stalk, or harass any member, either publicly or via private messaging;
  2. Upload pictures or videos that contain minors or people under the age of 18;
  3. Use Humbled Females for any academic, news, corporate, or legal research without express written permission from the management of Humbled Females;
  4. Publicly solicit for clients on behalf of webcam, phone sex operator, or other services/social networks;
  5. Solicit members by sharing direct off-site personal contact info, such as personal emails or phone numbers, on your profile or in any forum post;
  6. Use this site, in any way, for prostitution;
  7. Create more than one profile for your person on our system;
  8. Create false or misleading information about you in your profile;
  9. Use misleading avatars representing your person;
  10. Attempt using this site if you are “transgender” or “non-binary”;
  11. Share details about private conversations with members in the public forum;
  12. Log in to our site with a proxy or “spoof” IP with the intent to hide your identity and geographic location;
  13. Engage in deceptive or antagonistic activity that subverts the integrity or reputation of the community or its management;
  14. Repeatedly attack the basic underlying philosophical premises of our community, either directly or indirectly;
  15. Engage in vandalous user behavior, such as mail bombing, spam posting, making excessive duplicate cross-posts, creating nonsensical posts or comments, extreme vulgarity, or otherwise create and/or support personas and activities on the site that are clearly not related to or subversive toward the interests or ethos of the community.
  16. Use Humbled Females for any criminal purposes, directly or indirectly;
  17. Upload, post, email or otherwise transmit links to any material that you do not have a right to transmit under any law or regulation;
  18. Upload, post, email, or otherwise transmit links to any material that infringes any trademark, patent, trade secret or copyright of any party;
  19. Upload, post, email, or otherwise transmit links to any unauthorized advertising, and;
  20. Upload, post, email, or otherwise transmit material that contains software viruses or any computer software or malware;
  21. Republish any original material found here as your own elsewhere online.


Male-female Interactions, Private and Public

Females are expected to show respect to males in the fora and private messages. What does this effectively mean? It means that on Humbled Females the female sex is expected to show humility and submissiveness so as to get acquainted with these traits, practice them, and model them for others to see. This does not mean you must remain mute in the face of something patently wrong being said or something important being left out. You can question men here and get into differences of opinion with them. There is nothing wrong with that. What you aren’t allowed to do, however, is openly insult, demean, ridicule, sass, or undermine men here. Polite and respectful discussion is great. Intelligent discourse and disagreement is productive and a pleasure for all to read, and we welcome it, but we will not tolerate disruption and attack. Negative female-typical behavior, such as gossip, mockery, sneering, and reputation destruction may fly elsewhere online, but it will not fly here. Please respect that. If you wish to contribute to the forum, do so with respect and kindness, remembering where you are. If you encounter any sort of harassment or bullying from a male member here, get in touch with us and we’ll investigate.

On-site or off-site Interactions

This site is to be used for informational purposes only and does not, in any way, guarantee the authenticity of profiles, expressed personalities, identities, claims, experience, knowledge, or other data users may create about themselves (duh). Be warned: things are not always what they seem to be online! Any meetings you engage in, on-site and off-site, are undertaken at your own personal risk. Humbled Females will not be liable for any form of personal or monetary damage arising from the use and misuse of the Website, including its forums and private messaging system. If a guy you met from here shows up on your front lawn and cuts his head off with a chainsaw, that’s on you, not us. We are merely a connecting medium here: we are not making any promises about the integrity of any of our members.

Posting your full name, last name, email address, residential address, phone number, or any other personally identifying information in your user profile or in a forum post is forbidden. Don’t do it! Randomly mailing personally identifying information to strangers is likewise forbidden and, if found, will result in your removal from the site. If you choose to share contact information in private messages, please do so after you have built a level of trust with the corresponding user, and remember that you are sharing this information at your own risk. Cease communicating with and immediately report any user asking for financial information on the Website, no matter how long you’ve communicated with them through private messaging.

Our “Trans” Policy

This site’s name is Humbled Females, not humbled women or humbled trans women. We are a community serving dominant males and submissive females in a hetero-normative space. We will never change that policy. To those members here who are “trans,” be warned that by opening an account here you are violating our terms of service. If you are not a female you should not be selecting that sex for yourself; the same applies to females selecting male status. Please seek community and fellowship on places like Fetlife, where you’ll be welcomed with open arms. This is not a statement of hate, but of sticking to the mission of this community.

Related to this policy, please use an avatar that best represents you. This means:

  1. No obviously AI-generated images, unless they are based upon your actual face;
  2. No “anime” cartoon characters;
  3. No avatars that contradict the listed sex on the user’s profile (a male face being used for a woman’s profile, and vice versa).

Photography, art, and self-portraiture are and always will be allowed, but cartoon media will be removed from the avatar slots. As always, we strongly suggest offering a tasteful portrait of yourself for your avatar.

Why do we insist on banning cartoon avatars? To enhance the aesthetic of the site experience and dissuade a certain norm that seems to accompany the trans types that frequent social media on so many other platforms. Humbled Females is not only about a very particular form of dominance and submission between men and women, but also strongly bases its community on a foundation of reality, not LARPing or presenting likenesses that do not reflect the truth of the user behind the account. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

Ads and Advertising

Please don’t attempt to solicit business on our Website by placing ads anywhere within the system. This includes (but is not limited to) posts, comments, links, chat conversation, or private messages. Any form of advertising not expressly approved by Humbled Females will be removed from the Website and all associated accounts with such ads will be deleted. While we are not currently entertaining any sort of ad system, please contact us directly about such interests; we will then let you know when and if Humbled Females will accept ads in the future.

Reporting Violations

Humbled Females may or may not actively monitor the Website for violations against our Community Rules or Terms of Service. We also reserve the right to disable accounts at our discretion. If you come across something that seems to infringe upon our community guidelines and has not yet been removed, or if you receive any threatening or abusive contact from members via private messaging, please don’t hesitate to report it to us. You can write to Humbled Females at:

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