The Humbled Females Site Guide

Welcome to Humbled Females!

We are a vibrant and growing community of people who believe in the good of authentic female submission and male dominance. The term “authentic” is quite important to us and separates us quite clearly from the many BDSM and fetish networks one finds on the Internet. This isn’t just “kink” to us, but a way of life to be lived. We ask that you keep this in mind before contributing to the forums.

How to Navigate the Site

We’ve tried to keep the interface here clean, simple, and intuitive. Even still, users may find themselves stumped attempting to understand where to go to do this or that. Let’s explore the top menu and discuss the functions of each item.

At the top of the screen, you’ll see a navigation bar containing all the links necessary to access the site’s features.

Starting from left to right, let’s discuss the menu items and their functions:

1. Mail

Click the mail icon (1) to access the private messages area. Here, you may send and receive private messages from other members. The messages menu item will display a small badge beside it when you have new mail.

2. Friend Requests

This is where you’ll be notified about friend requests from other members. Clicking this item (2) will bring you to the friends requests page, where you can approve or deny friend requests to your profile. The friends requests menu item will display a small badge beside it when you have new friend requests.

3. Recent Logins

Click this menu item (3) to be brought to a directory of recent members to have logged in over the past 24-48 hours. You can also search for members using an advanced search feature, filtering your results by custom criteria.

4. Display Name and user Icon

Your display name and user icon is displayed on the far right-hand side of the menu (4). This is gives you the status of your logged in user name and avatar at a quick glance.

5. Drop-down Menu

Click on your user icon or the downward arrow (5) to reveal your account drop-down menu. It is from this drop-down menu you’ll find all functions related to your account on this site.

Account provides the status page of your account. You can purchase premium site access through this page by clicking on the sign-up packages provided. You can cancel your account access from this page, too. View Profile allows you to look at the current state of your profile as other members see it. From there, you can upload new gallery images as well. The Settings item brings you to your account settings page, where you’ll be able to adjust a host of different settings, such as password, email contact, bio text, and various data inputs. Change Avatar allows you to update your user icon representing you in the community. The Friends item lists all your available friends within the community. Click the Site Guide to read about how to use Humbled Females. Glossary provides users with a basic overview of commonly used terms on our site during discussion or in published articles. Forum Rules takes you to a page discussing the current forum rules (very important to read). Terms takes you to our Copyright and AUP page. Click Logout to log yourself out of the site.

Below the top menu in the purple bar is a general sub-menu listing the site’s main areas. The About tab (6) provides general information about the site. The Publications tab (7) brings you to our exclusive publications page, listing all articles Humbled Females as published to date. The Media tab (8) brings you to the media area of the site, listing a collection of instructional videos, audio resources, and lectures. The Forums tab (9) brings you to the main forum page, listing all discussion forums on the site, as well as most recent replies on the left. The Editorial tab (10) takes you to the editorial area of the site, listing our latest editorial entries.

Supplementary links are provided on the footer (bottom) of each page. From there you can like us on Facebook, mention us on Twitter, review our community rules, copyright + AUP, and privacy policy. You can also learn about how to write for us, or review any open positions the site may have available to members. Please note that the above images of the menu may differ somewhat from what you’re currently seeing, as our menu is often changing.

Forum Etiquette

If you’re new to Humbled Females, it’s perfectly fine to “lurk” and peruse what the site has to offer without posting anything first. When you’re ready, though, it’s best form to introduce yourself to the community by posting in the “Introduce Yourself” section. You can access that area here:

There’s a lot to cover regarding our community rules: you should read them before engaging in discussion. Go here to read them:

To sum it all up: we don’t allow illegal activity on the site and we take a very dim view of trolling and harassment. Please interact within our community in a way that isn’t abusive to other members. Debate is fine, but attacking people personally isn’t. Further, if you encounter anyone who is abusing the site in any other way, let us know. We like to keep the community safe.

At Humbled Females, our purpose in forum discussion is to explore ideas and discuss methods, as well as the philosophy that brings us together. We think of the community as an information repository, where members can read good community discussion and actually get something out of visiting here. Members are expected to support that idea in their contributions.

Forum Speak

You’ll find that the culture of Humbled Females is a bit different from other D/s forums you’ve visited online. We’re not big on many of the typically employed words and phrases co-opted from the BDSM collective. Here are some examples of such words, the alternatives we prefer, and why:

  1. Dom: Instead, say “male” or “dominant male.” Why? Because we purposefully avoid the linguistic effects of BDSM culture. Since men are recognized as dominant in this community by way of its founding premises, it’s easier and less problematic to simply say “man.” By avoiding BDSM-speak, we do something subtle, but powerful: we avoid a wide range of inferences and connotations that go along with its culture of scening and diversionary adult play.
  2. Sub: Instead, say “female” or “submissive female.” Why? For exactly the same reason as above! “Female” is understood here as submissive by default, and, at risk of belaboring the point, we’re not keen on importing BDSM phraseology into our language. We’re all about breaking away from that and going back to real, literal terms. We feel this helps keep things out of play land and directed toward reality.
  3. Top or Bottom: These playtime concepts linked with the BDSM world really have no place on Humbled Females and we advise avoiding their usage in order to avoid connotations of transience and superficiality in dominance and submission.
  4. Master vs. Owner: Be advised that these two words are one and the same on Humbled Females. We don’t see any logical difference between the two, for a master is an owner and an owner is a master of a woman. While we realize that some communities have felt a need to distinguish the two terms, we don’t see a logical reason for that in our community. Words mean things here (unlike other places you may have visited), and because of this, it’s easy enough to convey the exact same thing when one says “master.” Please see our glossary to get a better understanding of what commonly used words mean here.
  5. SSC, RACK, etc.: The mantras, watch words, and sage advice of the popular BDSM collective is often at odds with the realities we discuss on Humbled Females. It’s not that we’re against safety, consent, or awareness of risks; it’s just that those with any degree of real experience with deep-reaching dominance and submission know that interactions are often more complicated than what such tidy acronyms would suggest. Instead of summoning another BDSM trope, it’s best to break free of such badges and take the time to discuss the complex, nuanced, and (sometimes) paradoxical nature of human desire that can’t be summed up neatly in PSA watch words. Instead of the hollow, if not fashionable phrases and acronyms, we’d prefer to get down to the complex realities of human nature that can’t always be tidily filed away as “safe” or “sane.” It’s better to do away with all the cute safety mantras and engage in real dialog with real people who live this way of life.
Showing Respect to Men

Female members here are expected to show a general respect to all male members in this community. What this essentially means is that, as a female, you’re expected to write thoughtfully and politely to men, even if you strongly disagree with something a man might say. Snide remarks, sarcasm, and overt disrespect are to be avoided. The sass and ego displayed elsewhere online has no place here for the female sex, per the nature of this site. Please understand and respect this.

Male Responsibility

Male members are expected to show courtesy and manners in interacting with female members here. We’ve noticed that on other networks, the proposition of a community based upon interest in dominance and submission somehow signals to some men that they have permission to behave poorly—to communicate in aggressive and arrogant ways they would otherwise never replicate elsewhere. We’d like to remind the men here that this community is not an excuse to act rudely toward females. Males participating here are encouraged to show refinement, manners, and a fair count of the social graces they’d show anywhere else.

Premium Membership

Humbled Females is free to join, but there are portions of the site that require premium membership to access. Premium membership costs $4.95 per month. This will unlock the following sections of the site:


All our articles can be accessed when you purchase a premium membership.

Media Resources

Our instructional videos and audio resources will be available to you.

Editorial Page

Our editorial entries will be visible.


The Humbled Females Primer can be downloaded and read.

Our content is regularly updated and we think it’s well worth the subscription rate! Becoming a premium member gives you access to this richer experience and we highly encourage you to join in order to support the site and its efforts.

That’s It!

You’ve reached the end of this guide. If you still have questions, feel free to make a post in the Site Feedback section here:

For more general Q&A, go here:

If that still doesn’t answer your question, you can message the admin on this site, or send Humbled Females an email: