Media Resources

The Humbled Females Media Archive is a growing repository of articles, audio files, photos, videos, and other resources designed to supplement enthusiasts of female submission. Our intent is not only to entertain, but educate, enlighten, and inspire those who practice this way of life, or desire to.

Behind the gateway to the archive, articles are fleshed out in greater depth than what one finds on the free public side of the site. Large high definition videos and photos big enough to fill your screen constitute our adult media offerings. Audio clips and lectures are posted occasionally, and access to the evolving Humbled Females Primer document is provided. We think it’s a pretty cool place.

Please note that the media archive is a separate password-protected area of the site. It’s not a part of our free forums, so your media archive credentials won’t work for logging in there, nor will your forum credentials work for media archive. We do encourage joining both, though.

Updates to the archive are provided on a monthly basis. All proceeds go toward maintaining the website and enriching the community, so if you would like to support Humbled Females at a very affordable monetary level per-month, we strongly invite you to join. It’s easy and will result in a ton of exclusive content to enjoy, updated regularly.

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