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While our collection of articles will continue to grow gradually, we would welcome the addition of new, refreshing insight from new writers with solid experience to share. If you agree with the philosophical direction of this site and have the talent/curse for writing, we are interested in your thoughts and observations.

What do you get out of writing an article for Humbled Females? Absolutely nothing, outside of knowing you are helping to educate others about the psychological aspects of dominant male/submissive female relationships. We like to consider Humbled Females a place of sound advice and support, without the presence of excessive commercialization or conventional BDSM mumbo jumbo.

The required criteria for a submitted article is as follows:

  1. 3,000–10,000 words
  2. Submitted in standard ASCII or MS Word format
  3. Spell-checked and revised for strict grammatical accuracy
  4. Clear and well written, with solid citations (if provided or needed)
  5. Avoids excessive BDSM and fetish jargon (“dom,” “sub,” “subspace,” “SSC,” etc.)
  6. In adherence with our philosophical view (read our About section…twice, if needed!)

Make your articles rewarding to read! If you are unsure about the appropriateness of a particular subject, feel free to contact us. Humbled Females reserves the right to edit, revise and republish any article submitted for publication.

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