September 23, 2018

Video: The Whip and Rod

Marc Esadrian covers the basics of corporeal punishment in this primer on the whip and rod, providing real-world examples of discipline while discussing techniques in wielding various implements. Learn how to deliver strikes with care and precision, keeping clear of the human body’s more vulnerable areas.

June 10, 2018

Video: Bitch Training

Marc Esadrian trains a female on some rudimentary positions and how to ambulate properly on all fours while leashed. There are many variations to positions, commands, and routines: each man will train his female according to his taste. The focus in this documentation is the female’s complete nudity, obedience, and coerced animal state, where human dignity is removed. This sets the stage for reducing countervailing influences of the ego, allowing the rote lessons to find deeper impact. In this method of training, there is only the whip, the leash, and the master’s command. The female is quite responsive to this training, as documented in this video: she exudes positivity and attention to commands. Stripped naked and removed from the distraction of everyday trappings, she obeys reliably and with a light attitude.