December 17, 2011

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There’s something missing. You’re not even sure what is missing. You just feel its absence, a hunger. For many of us, this journey started with an empty feeling. A desire for more. For some, the emptiness was a yearning. This feeling is your wake-up call. We use watchfulness as a way to move through life in full awareness of the peace and joy and beauty around us.


The Surrendered Wife

Like millions of women, I wanted my marriage to be better. But when I tried to get my husband to be more romantic, helpful and ambitious, he withdrew-and I was lonely and exhausted from controlling everything. When I surrendered control, something magical happened…

Elegant Woman

The Elegant Woman is the result an on-going study on ‘How To Be Elegant’ and on being absolutely lovely. It is splattered with sassy tips on obtaining a little joie de vivre – the joy of living, in simple everyday elegance and living well.

The Stepford Wives Organization celebrates the male as head-of-our-household, and the traditional family unit. We believe the traditional family is still a good, sound idea that can be brought into this modern day and age alongside new living arrangements.

Planned Parenthood

We are a trusted health care provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world. Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of women, men, and young people worldwide. is the place to go for info on breast feeding, breast feeding questions and concerns about breastfeeding, and more. Whatever the age of your infant, we’ve got answers. You’ll also learn about preparing to breastfeed, latching and positioning, growth spurts and cycles, milk supply issues and any other breastfeeding issues.

Code d’Odalisque

Code d’ Odalisque is a new codification of the manners and etiquette of consensual odalisque slavery. The Code provides the rules and framework of an entire style of non-violent sexual slave play. It offers an alternative to the whips and leather scene. An odalisque is kept for sex, protected from harm and nurtured in the sensual arts. It can be applied to fulltime or part-time play.

Adoption Network

Hiring an entity to support you on your adoption journey is a big step. Every adoptive family Adoption Network Law Center has worked with over the years faced the same decision you are facing now and they chose to work with Adoption Network Law Center because of their exceptional adoption services. Adoption Network Law Center guides Adoptive Parents through every step in their adoption journey.


Free Expression Network

The Free Expression Network (FEN) is an alliance of organizations dedicated to protecting the First Amendment right of free expression and the values it represents, and to opposing governmental efforts to suppress constitutionally-protected speech. FEN members provide a wide range of expertise, resources and services to policy-makers, the media, scholars, and the public at large.


The National coalition for sexual freedom is committed to creating a political, legal and social environment in the U.S. that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions. The NCSF aims to advance the rights of, and advocate for consenting adults in the BDSM-Leather-Fetish, Swing, and Polyamory Communities.

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