July 15, 2020

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<div class="wps_wp_editor_quote">So often now I find myself responding to something and it just seems to fall so short of the depth of everything I feel.</div>
<div>this is something that I experience in many areas of my life inside and outside of HF.  i rarely comment in public forums because i see myself fall short of the complex thoughts i have in my head vs what is able to come out to the keyboard.  even as someone who is relatively new to the humbled mindset and being owned, i know what you mean when you describe the "outside" yourself sensation. especially when we try something new or if i perform an act solely for his pleasure. but there have been a few moments where the service and submission i gave to my owner seemed to fulfill me at an unusually emotional level.  seeing this post gives me hope for the future of my ownership – that i might one day reach your level of infusing a positive emotional feedback into every act of submission to my owner and truly settling into being owned.</div>
<div> </div>
<div>thanks for speaking up :)</div>


Original Post by emergingessence

When submission shifts

<p>I don’t know if this makes sense or is even a thing. Hopefully it is.</p>
<p>I’m hoping to perhaps discuss or hear from those with experience or opinions about the shift from when submission moves from being intellectual to emotional. </p>
<p>A shift has been occurring for me for a little while and I didn’t know what it was. This morning it occurred to me that I no longer seem to view being subservient as intellectually as I used to… not as “outside” of myself. Now it seems to have become simply more of an internal feeling. Which in turn makes it so much more difficult to try to explain anything anymore. So often now I find myself responding to something and it just seems to fall so short of the depth of everything I feel. Words and intellect no longer seems to do it justice.</p>
<p>It’s difficult to understand if  this a “normal (common) process” or if I have potentially just become complacent.</p>

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