August 16, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Taglines

New reply from Kahuna

<p>@Lord Ren, always enjoy reading your posts, but never noticed your tagline before this thread. Cannot stop pondering the implications …. very cool!</p>
<p>@emergingessence, thank you for the thread. Interesting that you are the one to start this thread, since you have chosen to go without a tagline.</p>
<p>Btw, some might be interested to know that I wrestled with the  decision over my tagline. I almost went with, "Picasso moon. It's bigger than a drive-in movie, oh my!". I LOVE that, but am probably the only one here who understand my intent. It is a lyric from a very lyrically cryptic Grateful Dead song. As I listen to the music the meaning becomes clear to me. It is in reference to all the really obvious stuff that society needs to know, but the masses are missing it, not paying attention, despite the truth being right under their noses. So frustrating to those few that are paying attention. Find it relevant to D/s relationships, the women's movement, and many things discussed here as being obvious, yet the world seems to be missing the obvious. How can that be? It is bigger than a drive in movie, oh my! :-) </p>

Original Post by emergingessence


<p>It’s fascinating, the little things that we display to show the world in subtle ways, who we are. <br />Something I’ve always been curious about since being here… the quote or saying or passage you chose as your tagline… if you care to share, why did you choose it? If you’re willing to elaborate further, what does it mean to you? What do you hope it says about you to others?</p>

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