May 25, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Table Talk: Male and Female Interaction

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<p>What does it take for an average person to grow beyond their hubris? </p>
<p>In my experience and life:</p>
<p>Facing down the things that made one, develop that as a defense.</p>
<p>Deconstructing those walls, while not blaming anyone.</p>
<p>Then giving "that version of self" new life.</p>
<p>To me,an intense state of vulnerability, meant remaining deconstructed,not rebuilding defenses.</p>
<p>Only then, when deconstructed and starring ones self in the mirror, with self compassion, can one be free of pride.</p>
<p>My master deserves no less then that core, version of myself, every day.</p>
<p>That has been "the process" simplified as I have experienced it.</p>
<p>Sure one can say hardship but that is too, "victim" like and I don't like to see myself as a victim.</p>
<p>Not out of pride but because that victim mentality makes submission not a choice, but a side effect.</p>
<p>To me, is so much more then a side effect.</p>
<p>So I hink "beyond and through" the hardships along the path, to "the other side" and the profound meaning of the impact, of the things I *did choose* along the way.</p>
<p>The biggest thing was:</p>
<p>I chose him.</p>
<p>Much of it can be layed at his feet in its entirety for being my rock, and leader as I stumbled.</p>
<p>One could argue that, without the right man, hubris runs unchecked(from what I've seen).</p>
<p>That a women's defenses take over,rather then the heart and that with the right man,she is reminded who she once was, and seeks to *find that*.</p>
<p>Even if she didn't seek it prior.</p>
<p>I knew a large part of my way through was with the right man and that I couldn't do it alone.</p>
<p>That if I layed who I was at his feet and was brave enough to do that, then I could be brave enough to deconstruct who I'd become, with him, into who he and I both deserved.</p>
<p>Pride was a side effect in life, on the instances I had it and so it could be stripped away, along with the other things that didn't serve who him and I believe I was meant to be, for him.</p>

Original Post by VirtuosD4rk

Table Talk: Male and Female Interaction

<p>Stumbled upon a podcast that really fascinated me. A young, astute woman was a guest on The Roommates. She gave vivid details about her fascination with sex at a very young age. Furthermore, she chronicled her failures with the opposite sex. Through her many failures, she began to look inward. She had an epiphany, it was her fault. What really drew me in to her was her openness with her experiences. Her family was not too thrilled with her natural affinity towards sex. <br /><br /></p>
<p>They nicknamed her “lewd” as an oppressive insult. Even though she had faced opposition from her family, she still chose to pursue her profession. Being a rebellious and outspoken child had nurtured her desire to be the woman she is today. She realized that through her subsequent failures, she chose to learn from them. She was very insightful and sought to remedy her lack of mind blowing sex by extrapolating the good and bad experiences. In my opinion, she’s an extraordinarily existentialist. It’s a rare treat to see a woman capable of understanding the instincts of both male and female. <br /><br /></p>
<p>Vanilla world is starting to surprise me with these rare gems. I appreciated these two gentlemen for inviting her to their show. What does it take for an average person to grow beyond their hubris? </p>
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