August 21, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Silence

New reply from adamalan

<p>Silence is a millennias old discipline that has been found to be beneficial to the spirit. Among other things in a submissive it helps them develop a meek, quiet, humble demeanor.</p>
<p>It can also help the impulsive to think more and those who chatter too much to become more comfortable in the company of their own thoughts.</p>
<p>And when imposed by a master, it helps condition the control he has over even her mouth.The mouth is very powerful, it can control the whole body, can manipulate the mind, can move mountains and armies. It is man's most powerful weapon and most dangerous tool.</p>
<p>Frankly, I'm of the opinion that too often in women speech is a mere unfortunate side effect of the true purpose of her mouth: to pleasure man.</p>

Original Post by emergingessence


<p>Have any of you practiced extended silence, either because you’ve been told to, or for yourself?</p>
<p>After a particularly horrible verbal argument with my sister recently, I realised I could do with learning to respect my choice of words much better. This has always been an issue for me… a disconnection between my heart and my mouth when anger arises. <br />It occurred to me that perhaps a period of practiced silence could be a good thing. Having to learn to listen better, without the process of thinking about how to respond. Learning to make conversation not about what I have to say. Learning to make arguments not about who “wins.” Hopefully even leading to learning to let go of even believing there’s a need to argue. Learning to deal with my anger at not feeling heard. I think in general, mostly just removing myself from the equation for a while, to learn better how to understand.<br /><br /></p>
<p>I can convince myself that any weird plan is a good plan, so I have come to realise that it’s a good idea to run it by people more level headed than I am. That is everyone here :D<br /><br /></p>
<p>Even if you haven’t any experience with this, do you have any thoughts or suggestions? Does it seem like too much of a simple connection? (words are the problem so take them away). </p>

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