June 9, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Returning From Exile

New reply from Nina E.

<p>Welcome back, Bslave! Glad you and your Man are both safe from the stalker.<br /><br />I don't understand men who pursue other men's slaves or women. They strike me as weak, unable to attract a single female.  (Granted, attracting a single female, particularly a younger one, seems quite a feat in these narcissistic navel-gazing "I'm Sooooo Hot!…And Tired of Being Admired!" days…but it's still the honorable path to take however bitter and rocky it might be.)<br /><br />Anyone remember <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7dZbEfbk_4">this Planet Fitness commercial?</a> When this came out, who would have imagined a thing called Instagram would turn virtually all young women into these shallow twits?<br /><br /></p>


Original Post by Bslave

Returning From Exile

<p>Love and Greetings to you all.</p>
<p>I am Bitch Slave, a long time member who took a sudden and unplanned break from public discussion.  I was seriously stalked by a crazy guy and my Owner deleted my FetLife account almost instantly.  However, He allowed me to keep this one. I was just not allowed to be on it very often and have lost contact with all of you.  Something I now know I missed very much.  </p>
<p>This was my sanctuary until the world collapsed around me, my Owner did what He does best, protects what he owns and loves. That includes me.  Everything changed for me and of course, this happened right before the rest of the world went on lockdown. So that just added to my loneliness. </p>
<p>For the new people here, I hope you find the friendship, love, and support that I did when I first joined. And I hope to stay here a long time. </p>
<p>Being in exile, I learned just how important the people I met here were and how much I missed each and every one of you. </p>
<p>It's a scary world out there and my experience has given me a new look at how I communicate and who i communicate with.   </p>
<p>Thank you for being here and now that I am back, I cant wait to reconnect with all of you.  Master-Sir has also allowed me to create a new Fetlife profile. But that is about it for now. </p>

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