August 1, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Portrayal of gender relations in film and television

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<p>It's important to note there have been recent studies to the increased strength/what female bodies were capable of, *in certain cultures/within certain time frames*.</p>
<p>Compared with "the females of today" or indeed more modern times.</p>
<p>Something like "stronger then today's professional athletes"(in some instances).</p>
<p>This doesn't contradict anything folks have said here, as folks here are comparatively speaking of "more modern women" who have no need or use for that sort of strength.</p>

Original Post by _cunt__

Portrayal of gender relations in film and television

<p>I've had occasion recently to be consuming more television and movies than usual.  It's next to impossible to get around the feminist distortions in mainstream media.  Men are typically depicted in ways that strip them of their natural power and leadership qualities, specifically with little dominion over females.  Females, on the other hand, are depicted with unnatural levels of strength and independence so that they buck male authority and come across as more powerful than what we experience in reality.  And, in some cases, there is blatant pandering to the feminist demographic with things such as an all female remake of successful movies (Ghostbusters and Oceans 11 come to mind).</p>
<p>Being drawn to depictions of Dominant Men and females as submissive to them, I've accepted that when I find these things in the media that they will always be mixed with feminist delusions and toned down for a broader audience.   But still, there are some things that "speak" to me more than others for their moments of honesty.   Though it is far from having issues,  I've enjoyed re-watching the Vikings series for some of its depictions of Male/female relations.   For those who are familiar, certainly there is an entire set of issues around the shield maiden concept and the entire character of Lagertha.  But especially earlier in the series, females are portrayed as tending to family and home while the men shape history.   Female slaves are openly used for sex by multiple men.  The men rape women during conquest.  And back home, they require sexual payment from even the more "powerful" female characters.   There is also a lovely (and too brief) scene where Ragnar knocks his wife to the ground for her disloyalty.</p>
<p>Are there certain movies or television series that others here enjoy for their portrayal of Male/female relations?</p>
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