July 2, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Making new habits

New reply from Nina E.

<p><em>" If I may offer a suggestion: move the post-it note every two or three days to a different location. it can be very near but must be moved frequently or after a few days, you will no longer take note of the note."</em><br /><br />I thought I was the only one who did that, Kahuna, lol!  And yes… it works! (And likewise not doing it causes problems.)</p>
<p>I am still trying to remember to do the whole Covid 19 careful thing when out. Mask, often gloves, keeping a good distance from strangers, disinfecting hands after being out, etc. It was easy at first but then I started getting used to it and I got a little lax. As my state is spiking in cases again, I need to stop slacking off…and I will.  The horror stories I read about people who get really bad cases of this virus or give it to their families are pretty motivating. A lot rides on these little behavior changes.</p>


Original Post by liawahine

Making new habits

<p>Is anyone else working on creating a new habit? </p>
<p>i have a new addition to my morning routine brought about from all the bleach in use this year to keep the home clean. The new habit i am working on is putting on kitchen gloves before the morning cleaning. No big deal, and yet, i caught myself just a few minutes ago taking a rag to the stove with my bare hands… </p>
<p>As i shook my head and scolded myself under my breath while putting my gloves on, i wondered…</p>
<p>Is anyone else is wrestling with something new? Any funny personal antidotes to share? Hardest habit to form or break? </p>

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