May 29, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Maintenance Spankings

New reply from OdinsFlower

<div class="wps_wp_editor_quote">This makes me curious as to why people do it. </div>
<div class="wps_wp_editor_quote">would you be willing to speak about the benefits it brings to you, and to your girl, and what outcomes are you hoping for from reestablishing this practice? </div>
<p>I have an example/ explanation of this given to me by a friend a while back.</p>
<p>While I don't know the finer details I do know she felt the time he put into holding her accountable, was important to her feeling loved.</p>
<p>She also felt it hard to "forgive herself" when she felt she messed up or if he was upset at her.</p>
<p>Discussing things while he spanked her..</p>
<p>Before her behavior "got out of hand or spiraled" (because it was maintained)made her feel loved and cared for via the time put in to keep her accountable.</p>
<p>It allowed  [her behavior or words], to not grow to a disruptive "big deal" level, but rather kept incidents [if any], smaller in comparison and managable.</p>
<p>Kept him from getting angry at her behavior to a point where she felt they had a "big upset" as a couple over it, because instead there was  her atoning and him holding her accountable before (her behavior/words) spiraled.</p>
<p>Then it was "let go" because it was managed(on his end), and she could forgive herself easier(on her end).</p>
<p>She didnt have to fear her behavior or words growing more negative because she didn't feel he cared enough to keep her accountable.</p>
<p>She could trust he would keep her accountable so her behavior was better anyway, knowing that.</p>
<p>If her behavior slipped,she knew it wouldn't lead to a spiral, or larger upsetting time for them as a couple.</p>
<p>She could [atone/let it go], while learning from it, while he could show he [forgave/while holding her accountable].</p>
<p>They could then proceed to "let it go" together and move on.</p>

Original Post by Steel_Dragon

Maintenance Spankings

<p>Recently became very interested in restarting a regimen of maintenance spankings, but this got me thinking about the different theories and rituals that surround the practice.</p>
<p>So my question has two parts:</p>
<p>First, which kinds of regimens work in your experience? Day vs Night? Before/After meals? Frequency per week? Before sexual use? Mantras? Spank until tears or counting set numbers of strikes? If there is something that worked really well, do share and tell why it worked.</p>
<p>Conversely for part two, if something did NOT work, share that and why you thought it was ineffectual.</p>
<p>Obviously, females can be quite different, and the man's preferences take precedent, but different places I've looked give lots of conflicting ideas and theories, so I'd thought I'd ask you fine men and humble females.</p>

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