August 4, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to How's Everyone Doing? (Late July 2020)

New reply from emergingessence

<p class="p2"><span class="s2">Considering we already live quite an isolated lifestyle, life for us is continuing as it mostly has. My dad struggles though. As a relatively still newly widowed extrovert, living with two introverts, he’s finding it hard to be so isolated. There’s always work to do around here though, so he finds ways to keep himself occupied. His social and emotional connections have taken a huge hit because we can’t provide him with what he needs… but at least we know when he does socialise it’s with people who either take precautions as seriously as we do, or at least respect that we choose to be cautious.</span></p>
<p class="p2"><span class="s2">Australia is in the process of being hit with its second wave, which was inevitable. Life as we know it has changed, whether we like it or not. As much as I have fears, I made a conscious choice to not live and breathe the doom and gloom. I realised that nothing has actually shifted on a fundamental level… this situation just brought to my attention the fact that some deep part of me believed I was somehow immortal or invincible… and that although we can actually die at any moment, I always secretly believed it would never happen to me. Seeing how everyone else has responded also, suggests to me that I wasn’t alone in this belief. What I have come to remind myself to see is that there is still the same beauty in life that has always existed, there is still the same mishmash of goodness and badness in people that has always existed. Everything is simply amplified right now because our weaknesses have become the central focus… and we don’t like it lol. If we can learn to adapt, however, there is still much life to be lived :D</span></p>

Original Post by Nina E.

How's Everyone Doing? (Late July 2020)

<p>I know we already have <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">a great covid thread</a> ,very useful and informative, but it's more intellectual, philosophical and general-informational, and I just want to know how you, specifically, are doing.<br /><br />Coronavirus, economic shutdowns and insecurity, angry protests (at least in the US), and also hurricanes! (I'm sure I'm leaving something out)   How are we all doing during these "interesting times"?<br /><br />No one close to me has died, which is the biggest and happiest news I have. :-)<br /><br />I still have a job, another great piece of news, considering everyone who has been laid off. :-(  Office job, so I can work from home. So far, my company's industry seems to be doing OK, so I'm crossing my fingers. The overall aid the government passed in the Spring has helped as well for me and those I care about. Here's hoping they do the right thing again this time around.<br /><br />I'm outside of a big city in far suburbs. No hurricane effects (so far, crossing fingers as we are in the zone that gets these), and I stayed clear of the protests for coronavirus and other safety reasons. I live in a state with heavy virus cases (sunbelt state) but my local county is in pretty good shape, virus-wise.</p>
<p>When I go out to run errands or just to get out of the house for a short while, I wear a mask and usually gloves too. I look like a rubber geek or a hospital worker, but I'm in that age group that gets bad symptoms from the virus (a.k.a. death), so I don't care.  I've cut  down on the usual shopping/errands/grooming things. Occasionally, when my Master desires it, I will take a risk and go out someplace with Him. If it is a restaurant, obviously we take our masks off to eat. It feels weird to do that these days. Scary. But it is such a relief to sometimes leave the house. I don't get too much cabin fever because I have many fun things to do online to keep myself occupied. Or unfun things, like the recent work deadline from hell (thankfully now over). But occasionally I feel restless and stifled by all the shutdowns and things that cannot be done. I think I miss going to see a movie in a theater the most. Or taking a trip into nature. Then again, I hear a new crowd of people are using our national parks as their new "frat party houses" and they are all getting horribly trashed these days. So maybe I am not missing much.</p>
<p>My various routine medical appointments are all well overdue. I'm not particularly sick, but I'm definitely at the age where medical appointments increase. I postponed them in the Spring because "things were supposed to clear up in the summer," right? But starting in August, I think I am going to slog through them, Master permitting, as the Fall may turn out to  be worse. He's running the show on what risks His slaves can and cannot take. So these are just my plans. Circumstances may change them.  </p>
<p>Finally, I am ashamed to admit this but I am rather addicted to doom-scrolling (obsessively reading the bad news going on in these ever-changing weird times). I'm working on that one! ;-)</p>
<p>What's it like with your local economy?  A lot of small businesses have closed in my area and it looks like they will not be back. :-( But other parts of the city I live near have been hit much worse. For those of you who live in places with large homeless populations, what is happening to them? I don't see much i the news about Covid 19 and the homeless. Are their sidewalk shelters and tents still up? Has safe housing/hotel rooms been found for them?<br /><br />I'm concerned about the news coming out of Hawaii and Texas (hurricanes) and I know Cali is getting bad fires again plus the big virus surge. I'm worried about Oregon, too, but for other reasons. :-/  I hope HF members from these and other hard-hit regions are doing OK. Please check in if you can and let us know. </p>

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