May 21, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Grandios Visions

New reply from Kahuna

<p>Usually do not indulge in pure fantasy, and keep my imaginative visualizations targeted toward seemingly attainable goals. But if I drop the boundaries of possibility, and allow my imagination to run freely into the realm of the unattainable, my life might look something like the following.</p>
<p>Imagine an oceanfront, west facing (for sunsets over the sea), high rise luxury condo community on a very private beach. All condo owners are involved in D/s lifestyle relationships. Some live there as primary residence, others as a vacation condo that gets rented out to vacationers who also enjoy D/s  lifestyles. My unit is, of course, the three bedroom, three and a half bath, penthouse, with roof top garden, private hot tub/spa, sun deck, outdoor kitchen and dining table. Master bedroom is for me and my girl (just one). The two other bedrooms are a guest room and an office.</p>
<p>Within this private community, the rules of social behaviors have been modified to accommodate the lifestyle. Sexual play is allowable whenever and wherever it is desired. Females may be naked anywhere within the community. Community amenities serve multiple purposes for fitness, pleasure, recreation, and sexual objectification, and these amenities include a 24/7 high-end restaurant/bar (staffed with naked female servers and bartenders, swimming pool with diving board and a couple large waterpark-type slides, sun lounge area, fitness center equipment to include treadmills for jogging and running, tennis courts, badminton courts, ping pong tables, pocket billiards tables, small volleyball court to accommodate games played with a beach ball, dungeon with appropriate furnishings, cages and bondage equipment, game/card room, all enclosed under a huge glass-roofed, temp controlled facility for year round use, with the beach-facing wall being all sliding glass which can be opened when the weather is nice.</p>
<p>In the neighborhood, within a 20 minute or so drive, In and Out, Carl's Jr., Quiznos, Panda Express, Roberto's Taco Shop, Round Table Pizza, Mimi's French Country Café, Olive Garden, Ruth's Chris, Cheesecake Factory, Trader Joe's, Costco, a good supermarket, clubs with a variety/rotation of various styles of music (rock, adult alternative, blues, jazz, pop), a major concert venue, an athlete arena with major collage basketball, and women's volleyball teams, beautiful community park with walking/hiking trails, and a golf course, a stadium for collage football, and an international airport.</p>
<p>Hey! When can I move in? :)</p>

Original Post by MarcEsadrian

Grandios Visions

<p>If you were to have an ideal layout of circumstances and qualities in your life where it comes to having a submissive female or females, what would it be? What does the ideal design of your life look like? For instance, are you living in a spacious mansion with a household of girls, or do you prefer something more intimate? Are you more monogamous and traditional or would you prefer absolute slaves? Modern or old world style? Country or city? Where would you go in the world? If you had the power to wave a wand and make your ideal life come true, what would it look like?</p>
<p>This question isn't necessarily for fledgling masters or dominant males only. There are no doubt many men who have attained parts of their dreams and are working on the rest. We're all in different stages of life and fulfillment. I'm simply curious about what visions others may have that differ from my own. I'll contribute to this thread myself, too.</p>

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