June 7, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Demonstrating Commitment

New reply from OdinsFlower

<p>I don't think obsessively learning about someone's preferences falls under comittment persay.</p>
<p>In fact many refer to that as a facet of "training".</p>
<p>It is the real time element of "training" that can be applied logically to day to day life, even by those who don't understand this way of life much and while it shows a good effort, and care..</p>
<p>Realistically anyone who provides a service long enough to someone else(even those paid to do so) have to learn preferences of "the one in charge".</p>
<p>Ultimately someone believing someone "doesn't have to" when they agreed to serve another is mincing words a bit as that is a part of good service(recieved anywhere, by anyone).</p>
<p>Ultimately Id like to think comittment is more personal matter than basic tenents of good service.</p>
<p>Dedication denotes restrictions of freedom and action and dedication. </p>
<p>So fitting of a place like this where we discuss living lives where we aren't free to choose, after we've chosen him.</p>
<p>Sure our dedication to the one we [love or serve or both] maybe hard to describe in words as words are very lacking in such complex matters.</p>
<p>Suffice it to say however in a society that pushes freedom of choice for women, and seems to almost and often unfairly favor women..</p>
<p>Dedication in its simplest terms can be living by his rule without subscribing to a line of thinking, that would directly undermine who you've chosen to be for him.</p>
<p>This is a daily choice, willful choice in thought, word and action on the part of the women.</p>
<p>To turn your back on anything and anyone who would have you forsake the vision of your chosen superior(the male you serve).</p>
<p>It is choosing to let his conditioning, opinions and orders over-ride anything you once thought of as freedom.</p>
<p>By embracing the restrictions he places on you, as having purpose even if that requires trusting him to know that purpose; even if he never discloses certain "reasons to you".</p>
<p>It may mean remaking life as you once knew it, so that is focused on him and having the strength to truly place him and your relationship above others, unconditionally. </p>
<p>It is a choice to place his sense of reason, above whatever you believe to know.</p>
<p>This sort of dedication,to being "his animal", come hell or high water and continuing to choose it, every day is comittment.</p>
<p>Many say they are committed then, maters like birth control, family,pets, career, kids pop up and suddenly they butt heads.</p>
<p>Sometimes that is because their comittment isn't to the man himself or his vision, above all else.</p>
<p>It is to the vision, and man "until otherwise noted", and that is not the way I live.</p>
<p>That may well be seen as extreme in some places but when the man says "do this", "cut this person out", "x other thing about typically controversial topic", I obey because here: I don't belong to "myself" and  neither does my life.</p>
<p>I belong wholly to him.</p>
<p>That's the way "I do" comittment.</p>
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Original Post by mibbs

Demonstrating Commitment

<p>I have a new partner who has asked me to commit myself to him, however I'm unsure how to demonstrate my commitment in a valid and serious way.</p>
<p>How have you demonstrated your commitment to your Dominant partner?</p>
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