August 19, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Balance, home and work

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<p>It's very hard, and I think it depends a lot on the field / industry. </p>
<p>I've had periods where I've had to work 14-16 hrs per day three months straight, even during weekends. Overall if I look at the last 12 months, I've worked on average 10-12 hours per day, in a stressful, demanding, high-pressure environment. </p>
<p>My work schedules and deadlines change constantly and I'm working across multiple time zones. There are also schedule changes almost every day – the amount of planning I can do is limited. </p>
<p>We tried to manage it so that my Man does the balancing, but honestly – he simply cannot be bothered. It's too much time & effort with the constant changes. Nothing we ever planned really held.</p>
<p>So, to answer your question: we don't particularly do anything to manage it. I'm sure this isn't the answer you're looking for. I do my part and my tasks to the point where I can. He picks up tasks he doesn't mind doing and points out if something is particularly lacking and I see if I can fit it in, if we need to outsource it, or if we can just leave it be for the time being and I take it up a later time. </p>
<p>I'm very well paid – which makes our life significantly more free, flexible & comfortable in other ways, and contributes to our longterm goals. So this setup is preferred by my Man. </p>
<p>For the record, a career is not important to me. I would be very happy to be in house-bound service, without a day job, or doing a menial part-time job, for example. We're in this situation due to necessity, some very particular opportunities my job allows us to take on, a desire to speed up our reaching our goals, as well as to provide more flexibility to my Man. He's able to only work for 3 days a week and put the other 2 days into his personal projects. </p>
<p>Let's see how long we keep doing this!</p>

Original Post by controlfreak

Balance, home and work

<p>This question is for the subs/slaves that have jobs outside the home. How do you balance your slave duties with work?</p>

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