August 6, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to And in the beginning…

New reply from OdinsFlower

<p>I met my owner through a mutual friend, at a vanilla event.</p>
<p>We had embraced a year of friendship.</p>
<p>There were prior obligations and complications.</p>
<p>When those situations had been resolved and handled with honor, we'd thought we would be each others "safe place" "to have fun.</p>
<p>Then we spent a weekend together  and there was a moment where I saw my future with him, and in him.</p>
<p>That one glance, and  things had changed. </p>
<p>The timing was "off", given previous experiences and how harsh they were.</p>
<p>So I'd given him a fully honest account of "who I am and what had made me who I was".</p>
<p>Thinking it would probably deter him, but  also if he was certain in choosing me, I wanted him to feel he was making an educated decision.</p>
<p>He chuckled at the verbal and written account and said "is that all"?</p>
<p>As if what I'd said bore no meaning in a decision he'd already made.</p>
<p>Two weeks later I proposed a 24/7,M/s dynamic.</p>
<p>We met 12 years ago.Ive been his for 11 years.</p>
<p>Interesting tid bit:I'd come to find out later that there were  "odd coincidences" where he and I "almost met", many times.</p>
<p>We'd moved down from the same state to this one, in the same year..</p>
<p>He'd left the same high school, as I was coming in.</p>
<p>He'd been at the corner of my eye, at a popular hang out, when I was a teen(he recalled what I was wearing/how I looked).</p>
<p>He'd noticed but recalled thinking I was too young to approach. </p>
<p>I would later ask him "why would that matter?",when he told me about his moral code.</p>
<p>Thinking it would've been nice to have avoided some experiences by being with a better</p>
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Original Post by .willow.

And in the beginning…

<p>This is more of a lighter topic that I thought would be fun to entertain. I can't speak to the percentage but I have seen a good many individuals that own or are owned on this site. I'm curious "how you met".</p>
<p>I'd love to hear the story behind the event. At what point did you make the decision to move forward? And how long has it lasted so far? Or if you are not in a dynamic right now, how it came about with your previous one.</p>
<p>I reach out to both our active participants and those that may not speak very often. I think it will be interesting to hear each unique story. :)</p>

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