August 5, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to And in the beginning…

New reply from teejayel

<p><em>For those that own or are owned: "How you met. At what point did you make the decision to move forward? How long has it lasted so far?"</em></p>
<p>The main ones:</p>
<p><strong>No1 (the one): HOW:</strong> She was researching an MA and came to my office, where there were papers. Immediate suggestion of a drink, then dating (over 100 mile gap) at weekends.<strong>WHEN:</strong> immediately. <em>Knowing the direction I wished from the outset</em>, I led her gently along the lines of her (unconscious) instincts. After a year, playfully put her in a dog collar for sex, then leashed and photographed her, which brought about a profound change in her (which <em>she</em> clearly hadn't expected): she was <em>immediately</em> biddable. From that point she was trained, shortly afterwards (naked, collared in a French hotel) giving her consent that she was no longer equal in the relationship and <em>should</em> be trained. 15 months after that (18 after first collared) she gave full consent to unrestricted sexual access and to obey without question or comment, following which I proposed, as naked, collared and on her knees, she sucked me. After 8 months of further training to underline the rights she had ceded and make sure she was fully comfortable, naked, opened and used, we married. BUT, only the direction was important, the content not. It could have been much less (or a little more, we all find our accommodation point) but we would still have been together: relationship <em>first</em>. <strong>HOW LONG:</strong> 4 years before marriage; 20 years of successful, happy marriage until her tragic loss. </p>
<p>No2: <strong>HOW:</strong> At a wedding. Pushing at an open door made it seem natural and consent was willingly given (she was padlocked into a collar and smiling, looked back over her shoulder to accept me). But, bereavement is a poor basis for making judgements. Depth, intensity and content was much less and the open door was enticement in pursuit of comfort rather than knowing sexuality. <strong>WHEN:</strong> Never, really. Company was comfortable and life pleasant enough, but she had no true relationship capacity or instinct. The care and time on No1 was well spent but the lesson not learned. Less than optimal (whether culturally, intellectually or physically) eventually wears at a relationship, no matter how loyal. <strong>HOW LONG:</strong> 8 years. Probably 7 too many, but that would have been too cruel. </p>
<p>No3: <strong>HOW:</strong> Much to my surprise, on line, with <em>only</em> ever the intention of chatting. But her character came through and despite living 400 miles apart I wanted to meet somebody so able to project her personality and so compatible in discussion, and we met for a weekend booking two rooms in an hotel. <strong>WHEN:</strong> I had her in a makeshift collar, naked, sucking me within 24 hours. Our discussions had been long and frank. To a degree we knew each other. She had had previous submissive experience in a relationship. I made it clear that this meant that I viewed her as to a degree pre-conditioned and she would <em>not</em> be accorded all the nicities of seduction outside of our texts. Before we next met we flirted,speaking of a dog collar and leash ("and do I get a doggy passport?" … to which I replied yes; we had also agreed that a woman should have no choice over whether she had pubic hair and she shaved it on instruction for our next meeting). When we next met, at a cootage I'd hired, I produced a proper dog collar and leash, which was used. Also her prior experience was expanded with the loss of her anal virginity and being spanked, tied and required to masturbate for visual entertainment for the first time. The next time, at home, she was chained, led on all fours, photographed (digitally, including fellating me) and whipped. An act of consent and agreement to be trained under a property number came within a month, following which her collar was padlocked and she was required to sleep in it. A year later she recommended that (to her surprise) she <em>should</em> be spanked and <em>wanted to be</em> but that I should <em>whip</em> her (which she did not like) <em>regardless</em> of her feelings. This was consistent with her new consent that she <em>should be allowed <u>no control</u></em> and <em>should be </em>trained to be fully “user friendly”. This clearly has to be subject to sense and sensibility. <strong>HOW LONG:</strong> 3 years so far, over many short holidays. Our lives are in separate places with separate constraints. No more might be possible. But clearly there is potential. </p>
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Original Post by .willow.

And in the beginning…

<p>This is more of a lighter topic that I thought would be fun to entertain. I can't speak to the percentage but I have seen a good many individuals that own or are owned on this site. I'm curious "how you met".</p>
<p>I'd love to hear the story behind the event. At what point did you make the decision to move forward? And how long has it lasted so far? Or if you are not in a dynamic right now, how it came about with your previous one.</p>
<p>I reach out to both our active participants and those that may not speak very often. I think it will be interesting to hear each unique story. :)</p>

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