July 10, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to A poem (and My introduction) for you all…

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<p>you are most welcome, and thank you for your comments. It's quite lovely to meet you as well – and I'm deeply pleased it had such a powerful effect on you. </p>


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A poem (and My introduction) for you all…

<p>Hello there, everyone. Here is a poem I wrote years ago which I wanted to share. I also invite you to review My profile and see if what I have appeals to you and if you'd like to develop a friendship or something more beautiful and amazing. Either way, I hope we can learn from/about each other and (in the case of that special someone who's out there who may happen to read this) grow closer together. I'd love to get to know you.</p>
<p>Master's Message</p>
<p>you are lying beneath Me<br />collared, cuffed and quite nude -<br />you know your true place<br />and I'm much in the mood</p>
<p>to mold, use and own you<br />and conquer your soul -<br />to lead you in life<br />and to make you feel whole.</p>
<p>This is more than hot sex<br />and in this you must know -<br />for I aim to transform you<br />and take you below.</p>
<p>you are nothing without Me,<br />you know this is true -<br />that your home is beneath Me,<br />as I brighten your hue.</p>
<p>you ache to surrender<br />and give all to Me,<br />for its your calling and purpose<br />and its where you're to be.</p>
<p>When in My pres-ence<br />your knees they will buckle,<br />for you know its your place<br />to take My manhood and suckle.</p>
<p>I seek life-long commitment<br />from your enslaved, reverent ass -<br />(exposed and quite eager)<br />to make our bond truly last.</p>
<p>It is time to give in<br />despite any doubt,<br />for it's I who's in charge<br />and to guide you about</p>
<p>in your life's daily journey<br />in love, life and lust -<br />for you're helpless, unfocused<br />but in Me you won't rust</p>
<p>away to nothing -<br />blown clear with the wind -<br />for you'll be centered and safe<br />and in Me you will win</p>
<p>the collar you seek<br />which will ground your lost soul -<br />its your calling and purpose,<br />may your card house now fold.</p>
<p>I'm your Ruler and Master<br />I'm your purpose, you see,<br />you're nothing and lost<br />without direction from Me.</p>
<p>you belong collared and kneeling,<br />giving all to your Man,<br />gracefully, humbly serving -<br />bowing, kissing My hand.</p>
<p>I'm your Ruler and Master<br />your Focus and Calling -<br />I am all of these things<br />and it is time for your falling</p>
<p>into place and to take<br />what is meant, what is due,<br />for your ass is My ass -<br />it's all Mine, this is true.</p>
<p>your clothing, your tasks<br />will be dictated by Me,<br />regardless of time or of space,<br />you belong beneath Me.</p>
<p>As you read here these lines<br />may your sweet spot get wet -<br />for your mind, body, soul<br />has quite nothing to fret.</p>
<p>I'll protect, I'll instruct,<br />I'll employ My strong hand<br />on your ass and your frame<br />so on your knees you will land</p>
<p>to be beg to be taken<br />in every which way,<br />for I wish to free you,<br />taking your old life away.</p>
<p>I'm not domineering,<br />for I'm sure of Myself,<br />for I've left insecurity<br />on an old dusty shelf.</p>
<p>I'm strong, firm, direct,<br />I am honest, My slave -<br />you need now surrender<br />and your soul needs to cave</p>
<p>in-to My desires<br />and My dominance too,<br />for I'm your Ruler and Master<br />I'm your Center, its true.</p>
<p>you drop to your knees<br />so willing, so free,<br />taking all of Me fully -<br />and it's where you're to be.</p>
<p>I hope you will chose<br />to surrender the fight -<br />and bare your true soul<br />without anxiety or fright</p>
<p>and embrace Me, My slave<br />and surrender your all -<br />for its time you give in<br />and take heed your true call.</p>

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