April 14, 2021

Video: Introduced to the Whip

An older female is introduced to some foundational mantras, accompanied by painful somatic accentuation à la the signal whip. Following a period of shackled isolation upon a dog bed in the basement, new female Cookie is summoned to a crude whipping post and taught thereafter the rudimentary logic of her place as a humbled female. “Learning is not child’s play; we cannot learn without pain,” Aristotle once said, and this wisdom is lavishly employed in the way the mantras are driven by rote into Cookie’s mind, aided with the fire of the whip upon her derrière and back. This video demonstrates the reality of a woman undertaking the whip. The strokes are by no means gentle and there is no theatrical deception in this video’s production. Every lash and every mark is real. For those interested in observing the effects of the whip upon flesh for the first time, we feel this video does very well in showing them, sans gimmick or pretense in a raw and straightforward format.

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