August 31, 2019

Video: Doll

Presenting doll: A fixed position and rigid psychological space where the female serves as a passive sex toy. Marc Esadrian demonstrates the practice and discipline of this modality with Penny, his sublime Asian female. Study the subtleties of this particular mode, where she is reduced to the state of a passive and surrendered object, intimating no will or autonomous agency of her own. In doll, her legs are spread in a wide “v,” painted toes pointed and suspended in the air for maximal aesthetic. Her mouth, popping with red lip gloss, remains open, inviting sexual use at the male’s time and bidding. This form of submission is perfect for times when the male doesn’t want to fuss with giving pleasure—only receiving it, and on his terms. Beneath him, she remains motionless and depersonalized, a living sex toy in the highest state of objectification.

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