July 25, 2019

Video: Caging Penny

Witness a custom-built cage, made specifically for humans (and preferably of the female variety). Marc Esadrian walks Penny by collar and leash to the cage embedded inside his closet rooms, where she is kept over periods of time to rest, reflect, or await use. Note the simple steel mesh walls of the cage and its rigid construction, as well as its empty furnishings, so as to strip the slave of her human comforts. There are no pillows or blankets here. Clothing is, of course, not allowed. There is absolutely no privacy. She is exposed and vulnerable, with every inch of her flesh on display. Even relieving herself is afforded no refuge, the act becoming a humiliating and degrading experience. We hope this video helps inspire dominant males to conceive of their own cages, as it’s an extremely effective psychological tool in creating a contrast between the master’s agency and the slave’s objectified status.

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