June 29, 2020

Image Gallery: Lunch Service

Niki serves Marc Esadrian a quick afternoon lunch. But quick isn’t always simple. The tasks of a humbled female involve domestic talent, mindfulness, attention to detail, and sufficient passion to provide a seamless and pleasurable experience for the man of the home. This does not always lead to a smooth experience for the female, especially one who may be new and lacks a necessary level of discipline and learned attentiveness. Master might like his pasta a certain way: get distracted for only a few moments with other preparations, like setting the table perfectly, lighting the candles, and preparing the wine, and you might miss the al dente window. Having to start the preparations of the food all over again will result in him waiting longer, which is never a good thing! This example is one of many, but easily illustrates that being a good humbled female is about living in a state of intensely submissive mindfulness. It’s fulfilling and even fun at times embracing this state, but it brings its deceptively subtle challenges, nonetheless, keeping her nimble and light-footed as she remembers all the fragments of good service, putting them together in precisely the right ways at the right times, learning to move with grace and quietness with a collar of steel around her delicate neck and the possibility of the whip, should she err.

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