May 16, 2020

Image Gallery: Good Bitch

Submissive bitch Niki learns the collar, leash, and bind in these classic Humbled Females images, re-posted upon request by the community. Some thoughts relevant to this gallery came to mind when posting it again. You can see in the photos that Niki is kept completely barefoot and nude during her leashing and collaring. This is quite intentional. It is the only way I train my females, especially the ones fit for sexual use. To be forcefully exposed, stripped down to their bare forms, given no material possessions, and restrained like animals inevitably makes them feel vulnerable and more amenable to humbling. It’s also quite pleasing to the male eye when this is practiced with a young and beautiful bitch, arousing his lusts and thus quickening his dominance. As the male of the household, remaining clothed around your female establishes an obvious visual (and psychological) difference in status. Remain so until you decide to penetrate.

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