December 26, 2021

Article: The Qualities of the Faithful Acolyte

“Abandon talk,
 say goodbye to your lower self;
grieve over your understanding;
 stop using it for evil purposes. Lower yourself in submission
 and become the beloved 
of every dwelling.”

—Excerpt from The Walled Garden Of Hakin Sanai, Tr. by David Pendlebury



e speak a lot about consensual slavery on the Humbled Females site and its difference from submission. This contrast is a very important one to us: it’s the difference between someone who serves of her own free will, i.e. when and if she wants to (even if she does generally want to, out of the goodness of her sweet heart and responsible conscience), and someone who serves because she must, because she is enslaved, because she has willingly taken sacred vows that she knows in her soul she will never break. A submissive can change her mind, she can walk free and clear away from the man she serves without a backward glance, if a “landslide” seems to bring the relationship down, in her eyes. This is not so for a willing and genuine slave who is not merely playing a temporary role. While half or more of what makes slavery work is the attitude and ability of the dominant man to enslave a willing spirit, the other half is equally important: the mindset, attitudes, and behaviors of the individual who desires to be owned and serve her owner for the rest of her living days. These include extreme loyalty, a strong work ethic, the ability to be perfectly content with one’s lot in life however low that may be–and not be too covetous of it if it is high. It also includes self control: the ability to curb or control the usual human vices which all are subject to, the ability to see someone else as being as real and human as oneself (i.e. not an object one manipulates or maneuvers around), and many other qualities. These qualities are actually forms of experiential intelligence, gained from studying life, seeing how it works, and paying close attention to others who clearly know how it works better than you do. To pay really close attention to others, the attention that over time yields so much, one’s ego must first be able to accept that there are others out there who, overall, know better than oneself, far better, in many cases. Not all people, even those who consider themselves slaves, can accept this fact. Something (insecurity, egotism, resentment, dishonesty, greed, lust for pleasure, pride, and the danse macabre these all engage in within one’s heart) keeps such individuals isolated in a dark, musty, aggrandizing, and self-referential fortress of the soul.

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