July 4, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to The Strange Days of Covid-19

New reply from Lord Ren

<p>Marc, here in Canada, Prime Minister Trudeau and the health officials were hesitant to say that masks would help prevent the spread of the virus in the early days of the pandemic as well. Rather recently it has come out that they were concerned about the supply of an already scarce resource and didn't want the front line health workers, as well as other essential workers, to potentially go without masks because the rest of the population was panic buying them. Now that production has ramped up and masks are more readily available for most people it is mandatory in a lot of locations. In some provinces it is mandatory if you go into a public place (like a store or on a bus) all throughout the province, whereas others it is only mandatory through a bylaw in specific regions.</p>
<p>I suspect that it is similar in the US and with the WHO: your local officials didn't want to have their already scarce supplies fought for even further while they moved to increase production. Now that production is more stable it is better to tell the population to go for it.</p>


Original Post by TFP

The Strange Days of Covid-19

<p>“Strange days have found us… Strange days have tracked us down… They are going to destroy our casual joys…We shall go on playing or find a new town…”JM</p>
<p>Hello my HF friends, I posed a few questions on another thread concerning the Covid-19 virus concerning how it has and will change life as we know it. As I mentioned, I believe there are marks in history that change life forever, we have seen this several times in modern history and this event is definitely a game changer. </p>
<p>How will this event change your life going forward?</p>
<p>How do you believe it will change society?</p>
<p>Are there things you foresee as disturbing or beneficial?</p>

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