May 21, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Slave as object vs slave as being Human/pet how does it change the dynamic overall?

New reply from OdinsFlower

<p>@Daisy; I know someone can act cold/detached, when loving, even women can(I've seen it first hand).</p>
<p>I've also served from a standpoint of purely loving service/respecting the person.  </p>
<p>I can say for myself I failed at the "not loving " bit, as time went on(internally).</p>
<p>Could I behave coldly or however directed?</p>
<p>Yes, if someone conditions me to relate my feelings in a cold-non emotive manner because it better suites them, then I can do that. </p>
<p>However I don't think that's the same as "not loving" and "unfeeling fetish" even if outwardly it can appear that way.</p>
<p>As it was always done because I cared enough to communicate in the style they needed,behaved in the way the person found more comfortable and ultimately time was put in to "teach me"to not emote when communicating.</p>
<p>Plenty of conditioning.</p>
<p>Perhaps in those points in my life or extreme situations where "the boss" needed me unphased by hard stuff, someone may think I was entirely unfeeling but being able to "separate" ones emotions from how one behaves,until they are in ptivate or can "redirect that energy" is useful outside of even extreme fetish stuff.</p>

Original Post by Iwillsubmit

Slave as object vs slave as being Human/pet how does it change the dynamic overall?

<p>I am wondering if anybody has any experience with this I find Ultimate freedom in complete submission to master, however I cannot become the object that he deserves for this dynamic. Does anyone have any experience with having a slave that it's not an object but remains human or parapet rather than inanimate object. And how being an object would be better for the master-slave dynamic or how being adamant could be better or worse unable to find any literature thank you</p>

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