May 21, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Slave as object vs slave as being Human/pet how does it change the dynamic overall?

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<div class="wps_wp_editor_quote">It requires a special sort of person, a rather strong person I would think, who can tolerate not only being  loveless potentially for years on end, possibly for the rest of one's life, but also friendless and affectionless because one is merely an object. I would think you would have to first really, REALLY love someone in order to be able to give up so much of what makes a person human in order to serve them.  </div>
<p>It's just my anal-retentive need for logic probably (and I know there's a big difference between a slave loving her Master and Him loving her back) but wouldn't this almost be an impossibility? If you really, really love someone, that would make it even harder to become "unfeeling." It would have to be one of these slaves, I hear about, that is just solely focused on the fetish itself and not about having feelings for her Master at all. </p>

Original Post by Iwillsubmit

Slave as object vs slave as being Human/pet how does it change the dynamic overall?

<p>I am wondering if anybody has any experience with this I find Ultimate freedom in complete submission to master, however I cannot become the object that he deserves for this dynamic. Does anyone have any experience with having a slave that it's not an object but remains human or parapet rather than inanimate object. And how being an object would be better for the master-slave dynamic or how being adamant could be better or worse unable to find any literature thank you</p>

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