May 21, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Slave as object vs slave as being Human/pet how does it change the dynamic overall?

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<p>I'm going to preface this by stating I am not the fount of knowledge you will find with some of the experienced women here, but I think I may help a little with perspective. </p>
<p>In my experiences thus far I have felt what I think you may be feeling, which is a loss of a sense of self, at times. A man's expectations are something we need to meet. And personally, when meeting these expectations, I have distinctly felt that any issue or emotional response I have with regard to the expectation needs to be quieted. You do what you're told, when you're told. If this brings up emotions or angst within you, then is not the time to voice them. You must obey, first. So it can lend to the feeling of a robotic response from within because it doesn't matter what we feel right then. </p>
<p>However, these types of relationships are built on communication. So at a later time, personally speaking, I have then been expected to speak up. To ask questions or to share any struggles or feelings I may have had. Your Master then has the opportunity to direct your thinking. </p>
<p>Again, this has been my experience but each man is uniquely different in his wants, needs and in the way he does things. </p>
<p>This brings me to my next question. You allude to the fact that he wants you to feel as an object. But I wonder if that's what you've understood him to want or if that is actually what he wants. This is the time to sit down and really think about this. Internally and logically. What did he say, specifically, that causes you to think he wants an object? When he said what he did, what did he mean by that? Object and objectified are not necessarily the same thing. Then ask yourself, did you understand him correctly?</p>
<p>As women, we have a tendency to think with our emotions. And when this happens, we can easily understand things wrong. We are looking through a colored lens rather than seeing the situation and directive for what it is. This subject has clearly caused you some internal angst, so you may be misunderstanding what your Master means. </p>
<p>My advice is to ask him what he means about the matter, at the appropriate time. To also share with him your concerns with the goal of truly understanding what he wants. Try to check your emotions in this conversation. Keep them controlled so you can clearly understand what he says. Hopefully you'll gain some clarity in the process :)</p>
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Original Post by Iwillsubmit

Slave as object vs slave as being Human/pet how does it change the dynamic overall?

<p>I am wondering if anybody has any experience with this I find Ultimate freedom in complete submission to master, however I cannot become the object that he deserves for this dynamic. Does anyone have any experience with having a slave that it's not an object but remains human or parapet rather than inanimate object. And how being an object would be better for the master-slave dynamic or how being adamant could be better or worse unable to find any literature thank you</p>

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