May 26, 2020

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New reply from Nina E.

<p><em>"I think that naming your country and city isn't going to kill you. And if it's really that important, you can always lie."</em><br /><br />LOL, true that. Although, I always get annoyed at those people who choose "Antarctica" as their location on forums. Really, Antarctica?  What's wrong with choosing a nice, quiet, yawnful place like North Liberty, Iowa? (No offense meant to any residents. I just chose it because it seems to be out of the way.) That location may bore readers, but if your intent is to fly under the radar, boring others is actually A Good Thing. <br /><br />On the other hand, if the site doesn't have an Antarctica option, I bet it won't be long before some disgruntled lonely scientist locked in a tiny space with only a laptop and a howling darkness surrounding him or her will complain bitterly. Life just tends to works that way…as if we are all, unknown to us, living within a Douglas Adams novel. :-/</p>

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Site Updates: Suggestions

<p>The time for updating the site is coming as summer fast approaches. Updates will include a big overhaul of how things are done here, including search by location, so you can find others in your area. We're also going to be refreshing the profile and gallery system, too.</p>
<p>What things would you like to see implemented on Humbled Females? Are there any tools or features you've been wishing we had? Now is the time to let us know! The suggestions box is officially open. :-)</p>

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