June 20, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Scientific basis for attention whores. :)

New reply from Patriarchy

<p>Which brings to question, is the dynamic of a relationship restricted to an exchange where one is rewarded attention for service, or is service intrinsically rewarding? <br /><br />Let me acknowledge that, in reality, it would more than likely be a blend of the two.</p>
<p>Are you familiar with those cognitive dissonance studies where where people given rewards after performing some task were asked to explain/justify why they did what they did? Without knowing their reward beforehand; those given larger sums of money rationalized their own participation as for the sake of the reward, while those given less were inclined to explain themselves as wanting to help advance science, etc. </p>
<p>It’s one of those studies that leaves one feeling uneasy, as it highlights some of the extent to which we otherwise narrativize our actions retrospectively, in order that we can make emotional sense of our identity in relationship to our actions. It points to how <i>full of shit</i> human identity can be.</p>
<p>I remember thinking on my relationships right away when learning of these studies. The relevant point being that rewards <i>can</i> detract somewhat from the the internal sense of satisfaction that an act of service would otherwise produce. Certainly there is a difference between a woman operating predominantly out of a need for attention and a predominant desire to satisfy their partner or owner.</p>
<p>I’m going to knock this thread into a question that is right beside it. It be interested to hear what others think on this topic of intrinsically rewarding service vs. the need for attention. </p>
<p>Neuroplasticity research would suggest that there is a tremendous capacity for the brain to rewire itself to suit the tasks and demands it is exposed to. Behaviourally, we are capable of extremely diverse and complicated systems of motivation, pleasure seeking, and aversion. What has always interested me is the establishing of the deep-seated intrinsic pleasure that comes with serving, and the general boundaries of possibility that come with how we can rewire our own minds. And it would seem to that end with regard to reward (and punishment) less is sometimes more.</p>
<p>I suppose this comes back to things like leadership and purpose. I’m not sure that a woman needs constant attention to find great pleasure in pursuit of a purpose she deeply identifies with. It may be atypical for women to be wired  that way, or to be capable of being wired that way. Still, I think the role of a good leader, is to bring that out in them; to inspire purpose and meaning.  </p>
<p>As far as the seeking of attention, with such a woman I suppose the inevitable questions are, ‘Have you grown tired of this yet? Do you want something more meaningful and rewarding to pursue than this? Is a more substantiative purpose something that you are seeking out?’ </p>
<p>Not to say it’s all black and white; again, even a woman living out that pursuit of service would reasonably find some joy in attention here and there.</p>
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Original Post by _daisy_

Scientific basis for attention whores. :)

<p>Not sure if the conclusion this article comes to is correct but this might explain why females look for more approval and attention from males than males do from the female. Men are more self-contained and self motivated.</p>
<p>According to this, you can increase your dopamine yourself, but you can't increase your serotonin levels without external positive reinforcement. And men have 50% more serotonin receptors.</p>
<div class="wps_wp_editor_quote">
<p>Women need twice as much positive reinforcement from our external environment than men do in order to drive the same amount of motivation in dopamine activity.</p>
<p><b>Women need more encouragement along the way</b> to elicit the same neurochemical cascade.</p>
<p>.If she doesn’t get the positive reinforcement from her environment, her serotonin levels will drop, and eventually so will her dopamine.</p>
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<p><a href="https://www.thehealthloft.ca/why-women-need-twice-as-much-sex-as-men/">https://www.thehealthloft.ca/why-women-need-twice-as-much-sex-as-men/</a></p>

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