August 3, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Onetime Actions

New reply from adamalan

<div class="wps_wp_editor_quote"><strong>Finance:</strong> Call your service providers (cable, electric, etc.) and ask for a lower rate.</div>
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<div>Does that work? </div>
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<div>I also don't own a TV. It's like a hypnosis box; really easy to sit there and loose time / attention. Still catch a series or movie on occasion but it is via the computer, which requires more intentionality. </div>
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<div>Getting rid of it was one of the best things I've ever done. Twice in the last 20 years I've ended up with one due to circumstances and both times it was gone within a day or two as the effects on the family were so corrosive.</div>

Original Post by .willow.

Onetime Actions

<p>I am subscribed to the site The site contains information about positive and effective habit forming, among other worthwhile life lessons. </p>
<p>In the email I received today he referred to Onetime Actions that are low in effort and long in benefit. Since I am on a huge habit forming/changing kick, I found value in his advice and wanted to share it. Some of these actions are so simple but I can see how they can make a huge difference: </p>
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<li><strong>Nutrition:</strong> Use smaller plates to reduce caloric intake.</li>
<li><strong>Sleep:</strong> Remove your television from your bedroom.</li>
<li><strong>Productivity:</strong> Delete games and social media apps from your phone.</li>
<li><strong>Focus:</strong> Permanently set your phone in Do Not Disturb mode.</li>
<li><strong>Happiness:</strong> Get a dog.</li>
<li><strong>Health:</strong> Buy better shoes to avoid back pain.</li>
<li><strong>Finance:</strong> Call your service providers (cable, electric, etc.) and ask for a lower rate.</li>
<p>While it would be a super hard one for me to do, I'm dancing around the Sleep suggestion of removing my television from my bedroom. </p>
<p>Does anyone else have any Onetime Actions that produce a lengthy benefit to your life?</p>
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