August 1, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Onetime Actions

New reply from Lord Ren

<p>willow, I still watch certain shows that are on TV, but I am much more selective of what I watch and when. For example, Doctor Who. I haven't seen the latest season of it, nor the special after the 11th season of the new series. Why? I just haven't found a need, nor desire, to get around to it yet. At some point I will, but I'll do it when I want to. Another example is anime. The fall season of anime started about a month ago. I'm only watching 2 series out of the 20+ that started airing, and I watch them when I feel like watching something.</p>
<p>If I had a TV I'd only use it to play video games. That's it. Anything I want to watch I'd watch on my computer since that's more comfortable for me. But again, it's selective. My time is better spent on other things.</p>
<p>And what you described with having a TV in every room, the urge to just watch anything, the back and forth on getting rid of it: it reminds me of addiction. Specifically video game addiction. Our brains are wired to give out dopamine for doing certain actions. TV, video games, social media, and some others things are set up in such a way to make you want to do them more and more. After a while you constantly have higher levels of dopamine and it starts to have less of an effect on your body. This can lead to depression since your body starts to expect higher levels as a standard. Just like anything else, the first week or two is the hardest. After that it's really easy.</p>
<p>Best way to do it is limit yourself to x hours a week. 4 hours a week of TV is 8 shows that are 30 minutes long. Easily one show a day. After a few weeks cut it down further. After a few more weeks remove all screens from the bedroom. The bedroom should only be for sleeping. After a few more weeks remove it from a different room, and so on. Have a specific place where you watch TV and only do it when you want to watch a show. Not because it's on and there's something to do.</p>

Original Post by .willow.

Onetime Actions

<p>I am subscribed to the site The site contains information about positive and effective habit forming, among other worthwhile life lessons. </p>
<p>In the email I received today he referred to Onetime Actions that are low in effort and long in benefit. Since I am on a huge habit forming/changing kick, I found value in his advice and wanted to share it. Some of these actions are so simple but I can see how they can make a huge difference: </p>
<p> </p>
<li><strong>Nutrition:</strong> Use smaller plates to reduce caloric intake.</li>
<li><strong>Sleep:</strong> Remove your television from your bedroom.</li>
<li><strong>Productivity:</strong> Delete games and social media apps from your phone.</li>
<li><strong>Focus:</strong> Permanently set your phone in Do Not Disturb mode.</li>
<li><strong>Happiness:</strong> Get a dog.</li>
<li><strong>Health:</strong> Buy better shoes to avoid back pain.</li>
<li><strong>Finance:</strong> Call your service providers (cable, electric, etc.) and ask for a lower rate.</li>
<p>While it would be a super hard one for me to do, I'm dancing around the Sleep suggestion of removing my television from my bedroom. </p>
<p>Does anyone else have any Onetime Actions that produce a lengthy benefit to your life?</p>
<p> </p>

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