May 30, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Not today…

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<p>Inspiration is key in accomplishing the things we desire. Routine is also another factor that is vital. Whether we care to admit it or not, we humans tend to be creatures of habit, good and bad habits. Napoleon Hill advocates involvement in a ‘master mind’ group, to touch base regularly. As the previous comments suggested, you can find someone that you form some accountability. I believe it must go deeper than accountability. Seek inspiration, an individual or group that will inspire you to move in the direction that you know is right. Also remembering that life is a roller coaster, we may be high on life for a long time then fall into a lull or low period of activity. Diet plays a key role in out psychological outlook as well, there’s a tremulous amount of processed garbage out there that is easily consumed. Not to get off subject but I started watching the Amazon Prime series ‘Hunters’ about Nazis hiding in America after World War Two.  An interesting series so far, part of the Nazis agenda is to inject massive amounts of corn sugar into the American diet, thats as far as I’ve gotten in the series. LOL…My point is, when you eat badly, you feel bad not only physically but emotionally as well.</p>
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Not today…

<p>Do you have methods that you use for moments you just really really really don’t feel like doing things?</p>
<p>I seem to at times hit a wall. Everything goes along fine and I get into a good routine, and suddenly wake up one day and don’t feel like exercising (for example). I will push through it but the next day it is there again and again and again… feeling like it’s laying in wait for the first “reason” or sign of opportunity and bam! the moment my mind finds a “legitimate” reason as to why I “should” skip exercising that day, I do. The problem doesn’t end there though. It just snowballs from there until suddenly a week has passed and I haven’t done any exercise.</p>
<p>the exercise is just an example… it’s more the mindset around it all that I’m hoping to get some help with gaining clarity on please.</p>

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