May 29, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Maintenance Spankings

New reply from HerOwner34

<p>In general:  if the man is sadistic,it turns the man on(there's sexual benefit in it for him).</p>
<p>If the man does this(even if it does make her happy) her happiness serves him(not the other way around).</p>
<p>Maintenance spankings can: create a more peaceful home, less conflict in life, less "problems and conflict " as a unit because her headspace is adjusted resulting in a more peaceful home.</p>
<p>Her happiness isn't what's thought of, per say but rather how a simple act on my part(spanking her), can bring me all those vast benefits.</p>
<p>Even if and when I consider her happiness, I think of  it as how her happiness serves me in a set situation.</p>
<p>Rather then how vanilla men do things "just to make the women happy" for sentiments sake.</p>
<p>I do it for the benefits it brings to my life. </p>
<p>Even when I consider her emotional happiness for  the sake of it, I  think of it this way: my women's happiness isn't about her or what she wants but more so the "home and life" I want, as I like it or how her happiness serves me.</p>
<p>In that,her happiness doesn't even belong to her.</p>
<p>If it doesn't serve me, the possibility of it making her happy, isn't a deciding factor.</p>
<p>If I can do a simple thing, that happens to turn me on, and make life more pleasent for me as a man, then I'm not doing it for her anymore.</p>
<p>The benefit it brings me, lasts beyond,the small effort and time put in.</p>
<p>I'm doing it because it's an easy way to get life as I want it and because it makes me hard.</p>
<p>Her happiness becomes a mere side effect or "bonus" rather then the motivator.</p>

Original Post by Steel_Dragon

Maintenance Spankings

<p>Recently became very interested in restarting a regimen of maintenance spankings, but this got me thinking about the different theories and rituals that surround the practice.</p>
<p>So my question has two parts:</p>
<p>First, which kinds of regimens work in your experience? Day vs Night? Before/After meals? Frequency per week? Before sexual use? Mantras? Spank until tears or counting set numbers of strikes? If there is something that worked really well, do share and tell why it worked.</p>
<p>Conversely for part two, if something did NOT work, share that and why you thought it was ineffectual.</p>
<p>Obviously, females can be quite different, and the man's preferences take precedent, but different places I've looked give lots of conflicting ideas and theories, so I'd thought I'd ask you fine men and humble females.</p>

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