May 29, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Maintenance Spankings

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<p>Hello @ Steel_Dragon,</p>
<p>nice to see you again :)</p>
<p>My experience with this is limited, but I can share it. <br /><br />The first Dominant I ever met loved having maintenance routines in place. With the submissive he already had, he had a morning and evening ritual of his cock being the first and last thing in her mouth. So obviously, when I came onto the scene, he wanted to have something like that with me… but not the same thing.</p>
<p>So he decided on spankings. I had 10 over the knee spankings each morning upon waking, and 10 each night before sleep. I would count out each one and thank him afterwards.</p>
<p>He found a lot of satisfaction in it, and I absolutely loved it. In a weird way, it addressed my neediness before it even occurred because for me it felt like a form of affection and connection. <br /><br />It was only a short experience, but I found the maintenance spankings to be quite valuable towards keeping my focus on the mindset he desired.</p>

Original Post by Steel_Dragon

Maintenance Spankings

<p>Recently became very interested in restarting a regimen of maintenance spankings, but this got me thinking about the different theories and rituals that surround the practice.</p>
<p>So my question has two parts:</p>
<p>First, which kinds of regimens work in your experience? Day vs Night? Before/After meals? Frequency per week? Before sexual use? Mantras? Spank until tears or counting set numbers of strikes? If there is something that worked really well, do share and tell why it worked.</p>
<p>Conversely for part two, if something did NOT work, share that and why you thought it was ineffectual.</p>
<p>Obviously, females can be quite different, and the man's preferences take precedent, but different places I've looked give lots of conflicting ideas and theories, so I'd thought I'd ask you fine men and humble females.</p>

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