June 26, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Is hypnosis really a thing?

New reply from Patriarchy

<p>I have to admit I have always found that the idea of Hypnosis pull on me sexually.<br /><br /></p>
<p>As for its practical applications, I think liawahine and her owner are  on the money here. I have heard it put forward that some people are more susceptible to hypnosis than others and have had clients who insist they have quit smoking thanks to the work of their hypnotist. Yet, I’m disinclined to believe in the more far-fetched stories.</p>
<p>Beyond explicitly inducing an absolute hypnotic state where anything commanded is obeyed; there is a general body of para-hypnotic techniques to</p>
<p>* Induce a state of relaxation</p>
<p>* Guide another through a series of visualizations</p>
<p>* Influence thoughts and behaviour through auto-suggestion</p>
<p>* Subliminally <i>queue</i> and prompt certain thoughts and behaviours</p>
<p>These methods and techniques have a scientific foundation that is a bit more substantial. While I <b>am</b> disinclined to believe in the kind of hypnotism that induces an <i>absolute hypnotic state</i>; it’s worth highlighting that repeated visualization of such a state, and the repeated practice entering into such a state, is a means of functionally training. This means that as form of guided visualization, repeated practice will produce the development of something akin to the <i>absolute hypnotic state.</i></p>
<p>To that end, towards the repeated practice of visualizing a state (of perfect obedience for example), let the power of harnessing and directing the imagination be properly highlighted. Harnessing the power of imagination in shaping the mind and shaping behaviour is a powerful tool, it’s not hypnotism per say but the profundity of this tool can not be understated. </p>
<p>…And just since we are on the topic, allow me a brief digression. It’s worth noting as a man, how dangerous fear and desire are when they take unconscious control of this faculty (imagination). A man must cultivate a resilient grip on his own imagination, as it acts as a psychological back door through which he may be unwillingly and unwittingly influenced, (and often to his detriment). What is necessary, internally, is to cultivate an awareness; of what one’s own imagination is doing, and why; how events and feelings influence the activity of the imagination, and in turn how the things one imagines influence subsequent thought and action.</p>


Original Post by jadziav

Is hypnosis really a thing?

<p>My Daddy and I are both new to our new dynamic and are exploring different ides together.  One that caught our attention on one of the more popular porn websites is "hypnosis" porn fetish – the ones where you supposedly watch the video in order to start conditioning your brain to be more of a whore/slut/object/etc..  I could tell my Daddy was intrigued, but he also seemed to dismiss it as nonsense.  Some of it definitely seems hokey or just thrown together, but a few of them were compelling. I am curious if anyone who has more experience knows – does this kind of hypnosis really work? If so, what are some reliable resources or websites that we can explore?  I myself have always been skeptical of hypnosis in general, but I also used to be a feminist so I figure if I was wrong about that, then maybe I should be more open to new ideas. </p>

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