June 18, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to How to maintain dominance and submissiveness under duress

New reply from Nina E.

<p>It's nice to hear that so many people here have found good ways to cope and even thrive in all the uncertainty. :-) WTG, everyone! Kahuna, especially, you're back up to three again?  Respect! :-D<br /><br />Nel, where do you hang out online, lol?  Rhetorical question, but seriously, it sounds like swamp!  Maybe that is most of online these days? I don't travel much on social media, and the few places I do go are weird little backwaters where it sometimes feels as though time has stopped (often quite pleasant and peaceful places to be–if a little odd) but I have been reading far too much news lately and that has made me more stressed than usual. It started with the Covid. I didn't want anyone I cared about to catch it so I've been watching it vicariously through the news, particularly the stats: hospitalizations, new cases, where it is spiking, progress on various helpful drugs, etc.. Andrew Cuomo's talks were a high point in that period. He is so fun to listen to! :-D But will all that watching actually help anyone I care about from not getting Covid 19? Highly doubtful, but like you might  watch a rabid dog wandering around outside your window while waiting for animal control to come pick it up, unwilling to step away from the glass until it is dealt with, I watch this thing and where it is going in the world. But it's beginning to feel like a bad habit. :-/<br /><br />Speaking of rabies, I think the current social media phase has to play itself out, as everybody moves at a different pace, but eventually those females and males you speak of who have run amok will start to get strange looks from the majority when all the "excitement" dies down and their lust for new thrills keeps them trying to drum up fresh dramas. When we all grow up and grow out of this a little, these types will become <em>personae non grata</em>. Uncool, in other words. It's something to look forward to. :-)<br /><br />I, too, sense hands from outside our country stirring this steaming poisonous pot of emotions.  And I see many  zoomers and not a few millies spinning round and round in that stewpot, intellectually and constitutionally almost helpless against these seething rhetorical currents. (When did they stop teaching critical reasoning in college? Well, I am pretty sure I know _why_ they did, which makes it fairly easy to pin down the "when."  When the year of the mad lying story, the glorious (puke-choke-barf) "narrative" took first place far ahead of simple, plain "facts" and, god forbid, "reason."  When controlling students' minds and shaping them like play-dough into the desired forms the "grand narrative" demanded became so much more important than teaching young open minds how to learn and grow on their own, becoming something unique and highly individual, become _themselves_. (I love the fact that they chose a synonym for "fiction" as the vehicle to re-present their "highest" ideals in. It is beyond ironic.)  I also see an outside attempt at divide and conquer. If America implodes, that's one less dangerous superpower in the world to worry about, so let's encourage the imploding at all costs. Mr. Left, be leftier! We love it! Mr. Right, be more righteous! Great work you're doing, both of you!   It's quite clear now we have a lot of very big enemies outside of all this silly internal <em>strurm und drang—</em>and that is probably what frightens me the most.<br /><br /><em>"I find myself very reclusive in the more meaningful parts of my life."</em><br /><br />But doesn't anyone interested in this lifestyle have to automatically do this to protect themselves–or are you speaking about something different? Is this a change from how you used to be?  FWIW, it sounds like an eminently sensible strategy to me–nothing to feel bad about. I have always been reclusive…and paranoid… it feels like the normal way of doing things, I guess.  I do think this attitude can keep people, people with something important to hide, safer. :-)</p>


Original Post by nel

How to maintain dominance and submissiveness under duress

<p>The last three months have brought about a great about of stress that seems to strain some people's very foundations.  For myself, I've had to interface with others in ways that I normally do not in order to maintain relationships and remain relevant in other spheres that have been greatly disrupted by national and world events. </p>
<p>While it's not a surprise by any means to witness females running amok on social media, unsupervised, opining and fanning the flames of hysteria on all parts of the political and cultural spectrum, I find the volumes and severity of it overwhelming, along with the potential collective damage it does.   In addition, I've been more surprised, and probably best described as disappointed, by the volume of males contributing to social media disinformation and hysterics around the events of our time.  Granted these are not men who claim overt dominance by any means, but the inherent characteristics I see in Men like my Master are not floating to the top in the larger populace for certain.</p>
<p>For myself, these observations and my exposure to such things have added another layer of spiritual challenge on top of everything else.   I find myself very reclusive in the more meaningful parts of my life and quite plastic on the surface to keep up appearances where needed.   I'm curious how others have been navigating the current world, both in the physical and virtual realms. </p>
<p>Are there challenges in preserving dominance and "level headed-ness" for the Men in times of crisis?     How do You manage and react to that?  If You have females, how have You guided and controlled them through the last few months?  For females, how have you conducted yourself, for better or for worse, over the last few months of turmoil?  Has the intensity of events affected your submissiveness or focus?  If you belong to a Man, have you been guided or supervised differently recently?</p>

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