June 17, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to How to maintain dominance and submissiveness under duress

New reply from Lord Ren

<p>It's good to see you again, nel. I've missed the wisdom you bring to this forum in recent times.</p>
<p>In my own dynamic there have been some issues, though none of it directly caused by the pandemic. Some of our plans needed to be pushed back, others I decided we needed to proceed on. Currently she still needs more training and I am preparing for when that can become a reality we live every day until she becomes what I want her to be. For the most part we've gotten closer than before because of the pandemic instead of drifting further apart.</p>
<p>Daisy, you said:</p>
<div class="wps_wp_editor_quote">It's why I come here and why I try to avoid the negativity on MGTOW sites. I hate seeing that encroach here. I personally think it's very important to give females an incentive to be obedient and not constantly dismiss them as a lost cause. By incentive I mean a vision of calm, intelligent, benevolent, male leadership and hope that females can better themselves for their Man.</div>
<p>While I understand completely that those site can be quite negative, they are also a reaction to the feminist ideals. And just like feminism there are good and bad sides to it. And just like feminism they need to hold themselves accountable for everything that goes on within their community of ideals. "A good Nazi is still a Nazi," after all.</p>
<p>I, too, found their sites to be rather distasteful. There have been quite a few communities that I had joined temporarily (And not only specific to the MGTOW topic) only to see that once the curtain had been pulled back it was a rotting cesspool of hatred that I didn't want myself to be a part of. How a lot of things rubbed me the wrong way.</p>
<p>Though I do want to point out that your last two points in that quote do miss the point somewhat. Some women are a lost cause. It doesn't matter how much you show them the correct path to take, they always turn their nose, laugh, and try to manipulate those around them for their own personal benefit. It is interactions with women like this that cause a lot of men to pull away and say terrible things about women in general. Because what they've seen from women has become truth for them. Just like how what some women have seen about the bad side of a certain percentage of the male population has become a truth for them. Those people physically can not see the other sex in a different light due to their experiences. Their brains have been wired to filter out the good experiences and only look for the bad ones. It takes a very good and patient person to pull them out of that pit. Someone who likes that person enough to put in years of hard work. That doesn't come around easily, especially if the person who needs that help pushes others away with their actions constantly.</p>
<p>Not all females are bad people just like how not all men are bad people. It's a bell curve and a lot of people tend to have bad moments, though are good people overall. We have seen that as fact in this pandemic: most people do their best to treat others with kindness and help others out. Give people the benefit of the doubt and never forget to be kind.</p>


Original Post by nel

How to maintain dominance and submissiveness under duress

<p>The last three months have brought about a great about of stress that seems to strain some people's very foundations.  For myself, I've had to interface with others in ways that I normally do not in order to maintain relationships and remain relevant in other spheres that have been greatly disrupted by national and world events. </p>
<p>While it's not a surprise by any means to witness females running amok on social media, unsupervised, opining and fanning the flames of hysteria on all parts of the political and cultural spectrum, I find the volumes and severity of it overwhelming, along with the potential collective damage it does.   In addition, I've been more surprised, and probably best described as disappointed, by the volume of males contributing to social media disinformation and hysterics around the events of our time.  Granted these are not men who claim overt dominance by any means, but the inherent characteristics I see in Men like my Master are not floating to the top in the larger populace for certain.</p>
<p>For myself, these observations and my exposure to such things have added another layer of spiritual challenge on top of everything else.   I find myself very reclusive in the more meaningful parts of my life and quite plastic on the surface to keep up appearances where needed.   I'm curious how others have been navigating the current world, both in the physical and virtual realms. </p>
<p>Are there challenges in preserving dominance and "level headed-ness" for the Men in times of crisis?     How do You manage and react to that?  If You have females, how have You guided and controlled them through the last few months?  For females, how have you conducted yourself, for better or for worse, over the last few months of turmoil?  Has the intensity of events affected your submissiveness or focus?  If you belong to a Man, have you been guided or supervised differently recently?</p>

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