July 18, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to How much time to learn?

New reply from Patriarchy

<p>It would depend on the nature of my commitments to them. If I am exploring something without commitment, on either of our parts, I have no problem terminating when I see that <i>cost</i> in time and effort far outweighs <i>the benefits</i>. If I have arbitrated or negotiated a time frame wherein the relationship dynamic will be committedly explored and developed, I keep my word. That being said, I don’t rush into giving my word and generally try to observe them for some time, well past the primary <i>bull-shit</i> phase (wherein they are dedicatedly presenting a favourable version of themselves).</p>
<p>I’m trying to estimate a capacity for long-term effort, and aptitude; and take stock of physical and psychological obstacles we would have to overcome. Aptitude meaning a capacity to develop and grow in all the ways I desire. If I think someone has what it takes to do the job well, I’m more willing to invest myself into developing them. I can’t make that assessment without having some sense of exactly how deranged she is, because if she is wrestling with obstacles that are beyond my ability to resolve, I keep looking. </p>
<p>Basically, I’m trying to avoid spending time developing and building with <i>junk women</i>. That time is valuable and I would rather focus on developing myself in a number of regards. To avoid squandering my life away, I have to find women who are worth investing in. Past that point of assessment, if they need support or leadership to better serve, I take that task on as my responsibility. If something develops that has me questioning my fundamental assessment of who they are, I may have to re-evaluate everything. To be honest, their reaction to being told that I need to re-evaluate usually orients my decision heavily. </p>
<p>Hmmm… I’ll add that generally, when I’m communicating with someone who seems to be highly emotional, I politely let them know that I will get in touch with them, after 24hrs, to double confirm that their words are indicative of where they stand on a matter. If it’s rarer for a woman to react hysterically, and a woman looses herself, I’ll allow her that chance to re-communicate things rationally. And this is all part of that process to meaningfully assess what is going on inside another person’s head and heart. </p>
<p>So if there were great failures on the part of a woman to whom I have expressed a committed interest in training and owning, I would confront her and let her know that I feel her present actions are forcing me to re-evaluate <i>who she is, </i>and her place in my life. I anticipate the possibility she may react somewhat hysterically. I allow her the courtesy of 24hrs to evaluate/re-evaluate her position on things, in light of what I have said. This would be my <i>go-to move</i>.</p>


Original Post by controlfreak

How much time to learn?

<p>Men, how much time do you give your sub/slave to learn your patern? Your likes and dislikes? How long before you have to use a firm hand with her or cut her loose?</p>

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