June 13, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Hello from Canada

New reply from Nina E.

<p>Welcome to HF, older Dom. I hope things aren't as bad out there as daisy's Seinfeld video intimates!  (But Seinfeld is also slyly suggesting that people see only what they want or expect to see, lol, and, as gently put as it is, that is a hard and consistent truth.  We all spin our own realities, don't we?)   With that said, there do seem to be  a lot of sincere people here. The ones that post a lot tend to be taken (but not always!)  This site has been changing recently, I think its software is moving toward making it easier to network and find people, so you came in at a good time. If you would like to make suggestions for social-networking improvement, I think there's a a thread for it somewhere in the Administration section.<br /><br />Those of us who haven't been bitten hard by the Internet "I'm so very special!" bug and thus swarm to places where we can feed our egos and backstab the competition, tend to like it here–a lot. ;-) The vain-and-violent types sometimes come here too… but, for some strange reason, they find it rather hard to survive–let alone thrive–in this particular environment.</p>


Original Post by Olderdom

Hello from Canada

<p>I am a 62 year old dom and am seeking a sub/slave.  I have found many on other sites are fakes and wanabees.  I hope this site is different.  </p>

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