June 21, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Happy Fathers Day

New reply from OdinsFlower

<p>@Nel;I'm sorry that this is a painful holiday for you. </p>
<p>My condolences for your loss.</p>
<p>My hope is the more positive end of the memories may bring you,some comfort today. </p>


Original Post by .willow.

Happy Fathers Day

<p>This may seem like a cheesy name by title but I believe that it warrants attention and respect. I wish every man, that has ever raised or lent a hand in raising a child, a Happy Fathers Day. Without you men in a child's life they may have never come to know a different perspective that can only be delivered by a man. So I thank you in that effort and act and in that situation in which you went above and beyond yourself to give completely and totally to the benefit of another human being. </p>
<p>I hope you have an amazing day, and an amazing weekend! </p>

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