June 21, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Hair in the time of Corona.

New reply from OdinsFlower

<p>@Willow; You are taking it out of context.</p>
<p>The part about "slave hair" in the same reply speaks of how that process is, between owner and property. </p>
<p>The other is about a study, as it relates to free women, taking their feelings out on their hair,in a time of duress.</p>
<p>Two totally different aspects and mindsets noted in one comment.</p>
<p>It did appear to trigger something strong enough in you though to miss the context/transitions and intent.</p>
<p>Only later in towards the end did I note my personal feelings of it being something that would upset me because those are precisely the feelings my owner would want evoked in me if he shaved my head.</p>
<p>Feeling what he wants you to feel-from an act of his, is a part of my slavery and it was noted how my owner has wired me to respond to such a thing.</p>
<p>However it was not a one dimensional comment on the whole, and my feelings were "just a small drop in the ocean".</p>
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Original Post by _daisy_

Hair in the time of Corona.

<p>What have you been doing with your hair now that salons are closed?</p>
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