May 21, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Grandios Visions

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<p>@Anina, interesting … Spain, huh? Do not see myself retiring to or living in Spain, but for those might consider such a move, it is noteworthy Spain has the lowest cost of living of any first world country, as well as being the most socially liberal. Example: it is legal to walk around totally naked on any public property, and completely legal to have sex in public, as long as you are not in view of any minor children. Wonder if they are equally liberal about laws for corporal punishments amongst consenting adults? </p>

Original Post by MarcEsadrian

Grandios Visions

<p>If you were to have an ideal layout of circumstances and qualities in your life where it comes to having a submissive female or females, what would it be? What does the ideal design of your life look like? For instance, are you living in a spacious mansion with a household of girls, or do you prefer something more intimate? Are you more monogamous and traditional or would you prefer absolute slaves? Modern or old world style? Country or city? Where would you go in the world? If you had the power to wave a wand and make your ideal life come true, what would it look like?</p>
<p>This question isn't necessarily for fledgling masters or dominant males only. There are no doubt many men who have attained parts of their dreams and are working on the rest. We're all in different stages of life and fulfillment. I'm simply curious about what visions others may have that differ from my own. I'll contribute to this thread myself, too.</p>

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