May 21, 2020

Humbled Females: new forum reply to Grandios Visions

New reply from Patriarchy

<p>My check list is a bit more piecemeal. Like @Housedom, as I get older I find myself more concerned with the greater social context in which my household operates. </p>
<p><strong>A social framework that encourages men and women to refine complementary their complementary opposite natures. </strong>That values and supports more classic masculinity and femininity and does not condemn it. A society that condemns and excises feminine and submissive behaviour in men, and equally looks down on crude, aggressive and loud behaviour in women.</p>
<p><strong><b>Fair and just laws for those who wish to enter into a voluntarily unequal relationship; that recognize unions entered into wilfully. </b></strong>It’s a topic to large to address in a few words but I think that this can be done in a meaningful way and is a very important facet of what an ideal community looks like.</p>
<p><b>An education system that educates boys and girls differently</b>, so that if they should choose a more ‘natural‘ life for themselves they won’t be so ill-equipped to play out nature’s intended roles. This is a bare-minimum, that I see as necessary to allow people to function healthily.</p>
<p>I’m probably not the only man here who does fantasize of having been born in a different age and place. The ‘sexism’ one can find in various sexual-anthropological literature is like a shining gem, just outside my grasp. I do have some things I still dream of implementing at the household level:</p>
<p> </p>
<p><b>Properly Designed Desks, Tables, Multi-Screen Computer Workstation, and Appropriately Shaped Jacuzzi/Hot-Tub/Bath</b></p>
<p><b></b>I’m sure many of you have run into this problem; it’s stuck in my mind. Beyond merely accommodating a woman by designing a desk and dinner table to better let her fit beneath it (and save them the problem of banging their heads when really setting to task). A split in a computer work station, preferably with a split ergonomic keyboards would, similarly, let women get to work with a little more ease. I have never seen a bath, jacuzzi or hot-tub that allows a man to lay back, mostly submerged in warm water, while accommodating a woman. At the very least a shower with multiple heads is necessary. Something fitting must be designed to make it possible for two to enjoy the warm water, without one drowning.</p>
<p><b>Three Basements</b></p>
<p>I’ve always dreamed of having ‘training facilities’ hidden away beneath what would be a regular basement. At some point I began imaging that I would want select guests to enjoy this space with me, as it would be please take to gather in a hidden underground ‘dungeon‘ of sorts. The moment I imagine using it for that purpose it seems intuitive that there should be one more floor beneath even this, that is only for private use.</p>
<p><b>Off the Grid</b></p>
<p>Baring a healthier social and legal context for us all to live in, I desire to be as isolated as possible and hope that adverse weather and terrain can serve as a buffer to avert attention. An independent power source is a must; using solar geothermal or hydro power is necessary to allow a comfortable life away from everything. Satellite internet from a private provider will be necessary. I’m convinced that I want an ‘airponic greenhouse’ in place of a traditional garden or farm, that will go a long way in allowing a steady food supply with minimal labour.</p>
<p>Without a proper education system I think I would rather set up to ensure my children are homeschooled. I still debate the details. This is an important matter to me; a paternal instinct that is integrated into my sexual behaviour and influences it. ‘Knocking a woman up’ is desirable, but the absence of a means to ensure my children can fully wield the technology of the future is a sexual turn-off. I see clearly that many mini-technological-revolutions are on the way and I want to make sure my sons are equipped to be leading the way with a foundation in engineering and computer science.</p>
<p>Because I contemplate such grandiose visions I find it’s very attractive when women seem capable and willing to participate in such long-term projects. At some point I stopped worrying about the number of women. As absolutely wonderful as it is to have three or four women slavishly tend to your pleasure, I became more concerned with who my (yet unborn) children would marry/breed with.</p>
<p>I do wonder about how much of the biological ‘toll‘ incest brings can be mitigated by interbreeding the offspring of multiple women. If I were born in ages past, I’m certain I wouldn’t be aversive to the idea. Somehow, I find the the thought of knowing that I can give my daughters to men, that they can worshipfully dedicate themselves to, very attractive. Equally, that my sons would have the absolute devotion and obedience of their female counterpart(s), is a very desirable thought. Knocking up a woman up outside of this context feels irresponsible… even ‘amoral‘. </p>
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Original Post by MarcEsadrian

Grandios Visions

<p>If you were to have an ideal layout of circumstances and qualities in your life where it comes to having a submissive female or females, what would it be? What does the ideal design of your life look like? For instance, are you living in a spacious mansion with a household of girls, or do you prefer something more intimate? Are you more monogamous and traditional or would you prefer absolute slaves? Modern or old world style? Country or city? Where would you go in the world? If you had the power to wave a wand and make your ideal life come true, what would it look like?</p>
<p>This question isn't necessarily for fledgling masters or dominant males only. There are no doubt many men who have attained parts of their dreams and are working on the rest. We're all in different stages of life and fulfillment. I'm simply curious about what visions others may have that differ from my own. I'll contribute to this thread myself, too.</p>

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